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How did you come up with your PSN ID?


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We used to have a thread like this but it seems to have gone missing, so here it is again!

We've got a lot of new members here so why not jump in and tell us how you came up with your PSN ID. I'm sure there are some great and interesting stories to be read here :)


New Member
I just thought that after a pretty bad game on BF4 (went like 17/16) but should of been like 8/600 lol, that I was as useless as a fish out of water, hence Sand and Fish. 12 is my old football number :)


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My real name is Ridge, but it sounds like a code name. So I quite often use it in some way, shape or form. Most commonly I'll use SirRidge or maybe with a space (Sir Ridge).

It all started when I made my gmail account, I was halfway through Final Fantasy X and Sir Auron was awesome. So I stole sir from there..


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Many years ago hen I first started using the internet and signed up on a forum I just wanted to sign up quick and didnt put much thought into a nickname and as I love motorcycles I wanted something motorcycle related and so the first thing that came to my mind was fonzi,as in fonzi from the old TV show Happy Days,well he used to ride a motorcycle on that show so good enough I thought.
Since then I pretty stuck with fonzi on 'most' forums and also my PSN ID.
And so you may ask why not use a diff nic for my PSN ID? Well also when I signed up to PS3 I didnt think I would do online gaming back then,only thought Id use it to access PSN store etc,but ofcourse once I found CoD on PS3 my online gaming part went into full swing...lol

Looking back now I wish I used something cooler that was motorcycle related,like Ghost Rider :eek:

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Well my ID is Androu1... Androu is bastardization of my real name's English equivalent. The 1 is because I had signed up as Androu to one website and forgot the login details to it and its equivalent e-mail so I made a new one as Androu1 and I just stuck with it...


New Member
since I was a kid, I liked Mafia stuff, like movies games and stuff, so everyone called me Don Bidarian(as in head of Mafia). So I started using that nickname since that time, all of my IDs everywhere is don_bidarian. so yeah...

btw Bidarian is my last name >.>


New Member
Not very interesting, my name is jess and my middle name starts with an m. I wanted it to be jessm_05 but it was gone. So i just made it jessem instead, 5 is my fave footy players number.


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I came up with my id after getting my nickname for hitting a hod carrier at work with a shuvel.so I gained the nickname DANNY DARKSIDE witch I didn't like so changed it to brightside I am brightside75 along with the year I was born.so an old ass gamer.


New Member
Well im a 2pac/makaveli fan of his music and thought ill take the makaveli, and then theres drebeatz so i took the beatz, and got makavelibeatz i think it fits lol


New Member
It was a nickname friends in high school gave me, and I just stuck with it I guess. The three 3's is because 3 is my favorite number, and why not three of them? lol


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I had my shiny new PS3 and had to create a username and was holding a rather crappy third party controller made by Madcatz at the time which I continually cursed due to sticking buttons (it was a freebie in the bundle so can't complain too much!).

Sadly there are a lot of madcats out there so I went for a 32 as was that age at the time!


Spokey Dokey is a song title associated with the anime Cowboy Bebop.
"Who" comes from Doctor Who.

Spokey Dokey + Doctor Who = Spokey-Who


New Member
I stole it from a NPC in FFXI, Abquhbah. It was simple, easy to type in on the stupid gamepad interface, and no one else I've seen has used anything close to it. So it's stuck around for a while.

The Unlosing Ranger

Mighty Strike-Out Slugger
I had my shiny new PS3 and had to create a username and was holding a rather crappy third party controller made by Madcatz at the time which I continually cursed due to sticking buttons (it was a freebie in the bundle so can't complain too much!).

Sadly there are a lot of madcats out there so I went for a 32 as was that age at the time!

I just love that your nick is Madcat32 and you have an avatar of King, hahaha.


New Member
I came up with my PSN ID because I'm a huge Saints Row fan. I started playing the series back at Saints Row 2, and this has become my go-to name on just about every platform that is possible. I use it as my email, my forum name, and even on my social media accounts.


New Member
I have two primary accounts right now, one is StarSaberSX and the other is ChouRyuSha. The former is from my fascination with Transformers Victory and the latter is a name I made up, it's Japanese meaning Super Dragon Man.


New Member
Mine is Wedge_The_Pato (pato being a short version of my nickname) which is combination of two of my nicknames, but also pato is portugese for duck, so it also sounds like wedge_the_duck


New Member
Not really sure, it's just the username I've used for many years now online.
It was though up by a young teenager me but I've used it so long now that it's hard to stop.
There should a PSA for when you are a kid and coming up with an online alias :)
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