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How big is it to have Minecraft on PS4?


New Member
I think a lot of people are underestimating how huge this is. First of all, the Vita version will most likely be a port of the PS4 version so it will be the first portable to have a fully functional version of the game (compared to IOS). Also, Minecraft was number 2 on Xbox Live since launch beating Halo 4 and everything else not named CoD. How did they get this for launch before MS anyway?


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Well...I couldn't care any less. Minecraft is a game which can be played on pretty much any computer. Why bother playing it on a processing powerhouse such as the PS4?

Sure, it's great for people who are into it and prefer playing it on the console I guess. But this doesn't really mean much to me.

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I don't think it's such a big deal. Getting it on Vita, though, IS a big deal, because it will be the only proper version of Minecraft on a handheld.


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I think its huge for the success of the console and for enjoyment, i was actually going to purchase the Xbox because of Minecraft, but i might get the PS4 because of this now :)


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Not a big deal for me to be honest. I have played the crap out of this games on my PC. But I am happy that other gamers will get the chance to play this awesome game.


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Depends on the version that it gets. If it is a 1:1 PC version with unlimited maps and maybe a few exclusive things (Terraria had some exclusive armor in Japan i think), then yes, it might be a nice thing to add to the library.

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Depends on the version that it gets. If it is a 1:1 PC version with unlimited maps and maybe a few exclusive things (Terraria had some exclusive armor in Japan i think), then yes, it might be a nice thing to add to the library.

I wish they had unlimited maps on the console versions, but I doubt it. Maybe PS4, but certainly not on PS3 and Vita (360 didn't have unlimited maps either). The lack of unlimited maps is gonna turn off the most hardcore Minecraft fans, but more casual fans or people that never played it will still grab it up.

What I really do hope for is that they stay current, instead of being an outdated version when compared to the PC game.
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