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Hot to set a primary account?


New Member
I know that the PSN only requires one account to have PS+ for the subsequent accounts to play multiplayer on one console. So how do I go about to doing this, I've searched in the settings and profiles menu but didn't find the option to set my PS+ account as the primary?


New Member
Oh, so that's the thing. I didn't know that activating the console is for this purpose. I thought it had something to do with settings in the Profiles. I already activated my console then. So from the link, does that mean that I can have different profiles activate on one system so I can share games downloaded from different PSN regions?


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So you mean if you have bought games from a diff account in diff country PSN store and its downloaded to your PS4 can someone who logs in with a diff account on your PS4 play it too?

Well here's what happened to me on PS3,I bought some games from the US store and I switched to my AUS account and played it just fine.

On my PS4 I logged into my US account and downloaded a demo from the US store that wasnt available on AUS store at the time.
Then I logged out and logged in with my reg AUS account and played the demo.

Does that answer your question?

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