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Help: PS4 won't read disc


New Member
So last night, I set up my PS4, and everything went seemingly fine. However, when I inserted Killzone ShadowFall, it accepted the disc fine. However, the disc drive doesn't seem to spin, and the PS4 doesn't seem to read the disc. Nothing happens, and the game doesn't load. It still ejects the disc, but I can't get it to read the disc. Any suggestions?


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I would call Sony asap. I wouldn't risk messing up your disk or even worse your console. I'm sure any problems this early on will be covered by warranty.


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The PS4 automatically updated the system after I set it up. Do I have to manually find the firmware to update it?


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You should have it then if thats the case. Try completely powering down your system, eject the disc, and reload it. But i would call sony as well. If you have a bad laser you'll want to get that replaced. 800-345-Sony or live chat with them. Please let us know what they say for future reference. You can also call your store that you bought it from to replace it. I know alot of stores are keeping 3-4 systems on hand for any faulty ones they may have sold. I know 3 members who replaced theirs on the same day. But call sony first and see what they say.


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You may be one of the misfortunate 0.4%
Not a helpful response, given that it's quite obvious. If anyone has any ideas on how I can fix it, or what I should do next, I'd be appreciative. I'm at work now, and not looking forward to a long wait with Sony customer service. Given that I bought it from Amazon, I don't know if I should send the console to Sony, or Amazon (if I cant get this solved).


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Have you only tried the one game? I would recommend trying another disc before you call call sony because it could just be the game. It's also a much easier fix if it's just the disc so cross your fingers that's the case. Have you tried downloading anything free and playing that? If that doesn't work as well then it for sure is the PS4. Good luck though and let me know how it goes!


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Trying out a different disc is a great idea! It will tell you if there's a problem with disc or the drive reader.


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So anywho...... to start, my firmware and any other updates were all up to date.

I went home and shut it down, unplugged the cable, and waited. Rebooted the PS4, and tried Killzone again. No luck. Tried a DVD. No luck. Finally called Sony customer service, got through pretty quickly (probably 15-20 mins). Described my problem, and they suggested rebuilding the database. Went through the steps of doing that while they guided me on the phone. After the database was rebuilt, tried the game disc again. No luck. Oh well.......

So they are overnighting a shipping box to me, and once I receive that box, I will send my PS4 back to Sony, and they will overnight a new system to me. From the way it sounds, it shouldn't take to long to get a new system.


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Still sucks man, i'm sorry to hear that. Are they going to do anything for the inconvenience of having to wait?


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This is an acknowledged problem so you're in luck that it's not just you. Like a lot of people have suggested if you haven't installed the new firmware update, then I suggest that you do that no because it might help. If not you'll have to contact Sony and see what they can do. If neither of those option work out then they'll either have you send it to them for repairs or send you a news PS4.


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Unlucky dude, but wow, that's exceptional service from Sony! Their not even telling you go to the place you bought the PS4 from, just dealing with is ASAP. Let us know when you get it back!


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So last night, I set up my PS4, and everything went seemingly fine. However, when I inserted Killzone ShadowFall, it accepted the disc fine. However, the disc drive doesn't seem to spin, and the PS4 doesn't seem to read the disc. Nothing happens, and the game doesn't load. It still ejects the disc, but I can't get it to read the disc. Any suggestions?

i had the exact same problem with the exact same game..

i went to settings
then to system storage management
then to applications
selected killzone shadow fall
then options
then deleted it

after i deleted it, i then reinserted the disk
and it read it just fine, and proceeded to install the disc software

you lose your saved game data but it works
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