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Heating consequences


New Member
Hello everyone,
Sorry to ask such a question but I was not sure as I am new to this. I bought a PS5 back in November 2021 and placed it in a cabinet (TV stand with a small round opening at the back) played for several months in the winter time since. Just recently realized that it did get hot while in there due to the ventilation specially in the summertime (mind you I am not a heavy gamer I would play about 2-4 hours max and not daily). I decided to change its place and now its in open air with no issues no heating no sound whatsoever. It did not give me any problems even when it was placed in the cabinet/shelf under the TV. My question is, do you guys think that the PS5 is damaged internally as in hardware components due to the heat from the past few months? is there a way one can tell?
again apologize for this long post and the question but your input is highly appreciated.


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