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HDR signal support for PSVR


New Member
Hello Everyone,

This is the most important thread your will read today if you a PSVR owner or even just considering buying. Your action on the petition below will produce a result, I promise you!

As a lot of you will be aware a recent petition over on change.org raised awareness enough at LG for them to address input lag with HDR 4K on their OLED screens. This petition proves that if enough people are unhappy and speak up that if a problem is solvable a big company WILL respond positively!

Sony has made a mistake not allowing their PSVR units to pass through a 4K HDR signal, and whilst many of will respond to say this is a hardware issue it's still sonys responsibility to fix this problem. I for one am not happy re-wiring on a daily basis to get the most out of my PlayStation. Sony is a large company and they could produce a simple 4K HDR splitter or switch for next to nothing. If PSVR wasn't going to support HDR then they should have bundled this type of option with an item we paid £350 for. Please support me by signing my petition and please share if you can. If anyone would be kind enough to link this to NeoGaf for me also I'd apprichiate it as I've been waiting an eternity for their dumb approval system. That is where it will gain the most traction, and where the success for the LG petition stemmed from. I'm not established enough to post a link here apparently, but you can find the petition on change.org or you can find a link over on the AV forum under PlayStation VR!

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