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Hard question about PS PLUS and other stuff

Hi everybody i need BIG TIME HELP! I am in Canada staying for few days and then i go back to Lithuania Europe. I want buy ps4 here because in my Country ps4 costs much more. Is PS PLUS region free ?????? Are there any AC adapters for ps4 ???? Will online work properly ?????? Thank u For answers


Errm this is actually a hard question. Does it not say on the back of the Plus card? I believe they are region free until you link them to a specific account. I could be wrong though. As far as the console itself goes, this is also kind of shady. The system is region free, but DLC is region specific. So while games might work from different countries, the DLC might not. I say "might" in both cases because this is up to the developers, or something like that. My brother had to import his PS4 and has yet to run into any complications.

What is the price difference? You cannot find it online from any EU dealers for cheaper?


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My advice would be to buy the console from the country where you live.
Simply cause of warranty issues.If something goes wrong with your PS4 you dont wanna post it to Canada do you?


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I think you'll run into far too many troubles and hassles trying to save some money. You're probably better off purchasing a PS4 and PS Plus in your home country. That guarantees that you won't have to deal with regional issues and that DLC will work on your system. Even if you're saving a hundred bucks, or whatever the amount is, you could potentially wind up with a severely limited console that makes those savings worthless.


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The PS4 has built in power supply, it doesn't need an adapter. Anyway, like others have said it's best to buy the console from your region since you're returning to your country soon. As far as I know, PS Plus is not region free but you can access it wherever you are. You'll need region specific wallet funds to buy anything off of PSN Store. Its games however are region free, as for DLC that I'm unsure of.
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