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Hard drive Upgrade Question


New Member
Good Morning All,

I posted this on another forum, but have not received any response, so I'll try here! I'm new to this site, and new to the PS4. I just ordered a new 2TB drive to upgrade my system, and had a question. I have read about, and downloaded the firmware update for the new drive (812mb), and I am going to save the game data to my usb drive. My question. I don't have network access, so I'll have to re-create the user profiles. Will that make a difference in how the system sees the save data, will it be able to recognize the users and associated saved data?



will it be able to recognize the users and associated saved data?

Yes, if you use the same PSN-IDs. You will not be able to sync trophies, friend list, subscriptions, dowloaded games, but only the saved data related to your games on discs. This will work only if you have made a back up using "Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data on USB Storage Device > Copy to System Storage".

What I am not sure about, is if the system can validate your account on PSN. If not, you must necessarly connect your console to the internet.
I have been thinking about upgrading the hard drive on my PS4, gotten to the point where I need to delete data from games for new games.

Do you have to do anything to the hard drive before installing it? Or does the PS4 look after everything i.e. formatting and drive support once it detects the new drive?
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