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Gravity Rush


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So, seeing that the game was released some time ago, i guess it's safe to discuss it here.

Did you like it?
Can we expect a sequel, and if we do is it going to continue to be a PSVita exclusive or are we getting a cross platform title for the PS3?
What did you enjoy most about the game?


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I have played it and thought it was pretty good. I have not got to complete the game because it is not me who owns it, however so far it's really quite fun.


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Gravity rush was one of the more unique games to come out for the PS Vita. I was very cool. From the visual style to the animation to the gameplay... It's so over the top. I like it. I think its a safe bet that we will see Gravity Rush on PS Vita's big brother too.


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I've yet to complete it, though I must say that thus far I'm enjoying it quite a lot! The name Gravity Rush was really deceptive for me though, as when I first heard of it, I thought it was going to be another one of those $5 gravity puzzle games, but I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful art and innovative playstyle of the game. My only complaint is that the combat system is pretty bland where I'm essentially gravity kicking everything...the Zero-gravity parkour more than makes up for this though!


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Gravity Rush is by far the best game I have ever played on the Vita. So, far it is my favorite handheld game. Amazing soundtrack, great character building, and wonderful artwork. Great game! :)


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I had a lot of fun with Gravity Rush and Sony have obviously been working hard to market Kat in other games. She has made appearances in PS All-Stars, Hot Shots Golf, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, etc.

I would imagine they will, at some point, product a Gravity Rush 2. I really liked it, all the way around. Gameplay, soundtrack, characters. It's on my Vita as a download and I plan to keep it there for a long time.

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I have only messed around with the game but it was really good. I don't know if the story ends in such a way that allows for sequels or not, but I have heard a lot of people wanting Gravity Rush 2 to be made. I think that would be nice, it's a new IP that Sony needs to keep alive.

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