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gold wireless headset, ps4, and in game chat? new to ps4.


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Hi, sorry, I am new to ps4, I searched the boards a bit but couldnt find what I wanted to know.

I bought a gold wireless headset because I wanted to be able to chat with players in Star Wars Battlefront servers, not necessarily my friends, just players from our team.


I think I found the answer and heard that Ea decided not to have in game chat on any platform of Star Wars Battlefront, and if thats true, then that is why I can not get it to work, LOL.
So it is not a ps4 issue or my learning it.
(sorry, I didnt know if I should try to delete the post, if you want to delete it please do.)

So I am going to assume that if I had a game that DID allow in game chat I would be able to participate with this headset.

Sorry to be such a newb, I have never had a playstation and havent had a console in a few years even, so its all new to me right now.
Thanks for any help.
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Yeah,you are right.
Ingame chat is not supported with Battlefront.
A little odd I think,would have been nice to have an option to allow it.
Would of be handy to get some sort of strategy going with randoms in some of the game types.Enemy call outs etc.
Oh well.
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