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During The Game Awards, Gearbox Software, the guys behind Borderlands announced and teased a little bit about their new IP. Gearbox announced "Godfall" for PlayStation 5. Not much was revealed, but Gearbox says this game is an action RPG with looter ideals.

Here's the entire The Game Awards livestream if you're interested...



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Looks interesting. But I have to say, I am leary of Gearbox games that aren't Borderlands. Seems every IP they've come out with or anything they had their hand in fell completely flat or was disappointing (i.e. Battleborn). Even if I have a PS5 at this time, I think I'll wait for people's opinions first.


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Destroy. Repeat.
During the PlayStation 5 Reveal Event, Godfall was shown off...

They also showed off gameplay (intended for PC players, but hey, we're getting the same game, sooo....)



The idea, the gameplay, the visuals are all absolutely amazing in this game. The execution is absolutely terrible. Here are some of the things that have annoyed me about this game...

- The framerate is absolutely horrible, especially in MP (it drops even when just simply picking up loot)
- There are a TON of bugs.. multiple of which will make you restart missions
- There is no in-game mini map or map in general (very bad decision)
- There is a sprint feature that should just be always active... makes no sense that it isn't
- Story is pretty lackluster as well but that isn't the most important thing to me in a game like this
- There is absolutely no reason for this to be an online only game

Overall I think they have an amazing game here but they have a lot of things to fix. Let's see how it progresses.
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