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God of War 3 / God of War 4 Backwards Compatibility


New Member
I really want to buy a PS to play these 2 games, but with PS5 due for release next year, I'm thinking of waiting. My only concern is - do you guys think God of War 3 and the latest God of War will be playable on PS5? As in, will I be able to buy PS4 CD's for these games and be able to run them on PS5?


Staff member
First off, welcome to PS5Forum.com!
Second off, Sony confirmed that they're aiming to have their next console (PS5) to have Backward Compatibility with PS4. So, if Sony gets it right - the answer to your question is yes. The reason why PS3 couldn't be Backward Compatible on PS4 is because of the architecture change. That's why Sony remastered God of War 3 - to move it over to PS4.
Third off, those discs aren't CD's, those are Blu-Ray discs. Sony has already confirmed that PS5 is slated to use Blu-Ray again, this time, though - the new BD discs will hold 100GB.

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