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Getting This Game?


New Member
Are you getting this game and if you are, what elements of the game that you have heard about make you want to buy it?


New Member
I haven't made up my mind yet on this since it's only been announced a while back. I do find the concept quite interesting but I'll have to see more to be convinced. Right now, there isn't much info to justify a purchase.


New Member
I'm still thinking about it but I don't know where this game comes in with how much I'm planning on spending this year. There are so many games that I want for the PS4, that I'm not sure that I'll have enough to spare when Evolve does come out. Though it does seem pretty interesting so it's on my maybe list.

The Unlosing Ranger

Mighty Strike-Out Slugger
I actually don't know much about the game because I haven't been paying attention to it but what little I've seen looked interesting. I'm keeping an eye on it.


New Member
Absolutely! The fellas over at IGN just put up a few article about it, since they recently got to play the game. Sounds better every time I read something about it.


New Member
If it plays anything like L4D, I will pick it up for sure! To me it feels like a mixture of L4D, Team Fortress, and Predator. Really looking forward to more info on it.


New Member
I'm curious to see how balanced it really is going to be when it gets released. The early game footage they are showing looks stellar. Graphics are really great, though I will admit the 3rd person camera view of the monster is a bit irritating. I'd like to get closer to the beast if possible. The shooting mechanics look great though. Like has been pointed out, it has a real Left 4 Dead feel, and if you are into that style of multiplayer gaming, I think it will be a must purchase. That said, it doesn't have much of a single player mode (or one at all) does it? If this is the case, it's where I get lost because when the servers eventually go down, so does the money spent on the game and ability to play it.


New Member
This is a day one buy for me. I really enjoy FPS games that force cooperation. I loved L4D and this looks just as good. This is one of the PS4 games I've really got my eye on.


New Member
I like the combat mechanics. They have always been ace with their games so there is no doubt that this is going to be awesome. So yeah, I am in, or I may as well wait for the price slash.


New Member
Maybe, looks interesting. My wallet's already reeling from BF4 + Destiny + Steam Sales though. Might hold out on it until I have enough funds. I guarantee this will be a good game though. Maybe not a blockbuster like people expect for Destiny/No Man's Sky, but a very solid game nonetheless.
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