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Just wanted to say hi. I'm Kate (oh my GOD, she's a girl!), and I'm a Playstation addict. I've been playing since I was about six or seven, started with the PS1 and eventuated to the PS2. Admittedly skipped the PS3 but I'm planning on heading straight for the PS4. As the profile says, I'm from Vegemite land (NSW, Australia) and don't plan on ever giving up my addiction to that black tar, I mean console.


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Same as you I love PS, I cant say I'm addicted, but I'm in love with it :p

PS3 is also one of the greatest consoles, Many great games and franchises, luckily most of them are being ported to PS4, so if you get PS4 you still have a chance to play many PS3 great titles on PS4.

Btw, welcome to the forum and stay active!


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Welcome to the forum Kate/FeralByNature.

Great to have yet another fellow Aussie on board too. :Onya

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