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GAMESCOM 2013: Minecraft coming to PS4/PS3/PS Vita!


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Sony has confirmed at Gamescom that "Minecraft" will be a launch release for the Playstation 4! It will also be available on the PS3 and PS Vita, although we don't know when it will be released for the current consoles.

This is such terrific news. I love the crap out of Minecraft and actually it's the only reason I occasionally go on the Xbox 360 from time to time as it was only Xbox exclusive. Now I can say goodbye to Xbox as finally Minecraft is coming to PS4!

What about you guys? Did you get into Minecraft? Are you happy as I am about this news?
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I am not much into Minecraft. I played a bit on PC, but couldn't like it at all. It's good to know that one of the most successful indie games of all time is coming to our beloved platform.


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It was originally going to be an exclusive for the Xbox One right? If that was so, than this is great news! I enjoy playing Minecraft on all consoles as well, I just find the console version a bit harder to navigate around because I can't control the controller as well as I can with the mouse. Anyways, I just hope they included a new update in Minecraft for the console version since they still have to catch up. A lot of things are still missing, unfortunately.


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Oh yes finally its on PS4 i have been waiting for so long for this sometimes i go to my friends to play on the xbox for minecraft so this is great i was thinking of a xbox but this has completely changed my opinion.


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This is huge news. My kids and I play this game like crazy on the 360. It is a big blow for Microsoft I would think as this has been the number 2 game played on Xbox Live since release beating Halo. The only thing higher is the latest CoD.


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I am usually a step back when it comes Minecraft because of the community and the whole promises that never got done.
With that in mind, will it be only PS4, no PS3 or PSVita?
Will it be the 360 version with limited map or something like the Xbox One version?
The price, i hope they don't pull a capcom with this one and go for $19,99.


RPG Ambassador
While I respect the passion the community has for it, I never got into Minecraft. Tried it, didn't find that much fun or addiction to it, left it and never regretted it. Its surprising that it filled the unknown niche for many gamers, but I suppose every generation has its own creativity design studio game.


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If it is anything like the Xbox One version (which it should be), it will have bigger maps/worlds.

Also, I will edit this in the post but it is also coming for the PS3 and PS Vita!


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I liked Minecraft on PC and I also played a bit of the game on my Smartphone. But I think it's getting a bit old. Like most games, I got tired of it. I no longer find the urge to play it. At first, I liked that I had the ability to build things and stuff. But, I dunno. The game no longer interests me like it did before.


My name is Adam.
I never had a strong core interest in. But if it does something to wow me I might consider it.

Clark Wayne

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I was always wondering when Minecraft would make it's way to a Sony console and it seems that the time has finally come. I'm kind of like Mudgee though in that although I have heard so many great things about Minecraft, I have never really been interested in playing it. Now that it's coming to the PlayStation 4, I might decide to give it a chance.


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I was always wondering when Minecraft would make it's way to a Sony console and it seems that the time has finally come. I'm kind of like Mudgee though in that although I have heard so many great things about Minecraft, I have never really been interested in playing it. Now that it's coming to the PlayStation 4, I might decide to give it a chance.

I was in the same boat as you and Mudgee. I had no interest in Minecraft whatsoever. My girlfriend loved watching some Youtube videos of video game commentators who played it, and when I told her it was out on Xbox, she tried out the demo and loved it, so I purchased it for her. The more she played it, the more I thought "Ah ok, doesn't look too bad." SO she asked me one day to split-screen play so I did, and I got addicted. It is very fun and you can just let your creative side of you just go nuts!

Very happy it's coming to the Playstation. Just have to decide now which platform to grab it on: PS3 or PS4.


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It's not really a major title but it is something that the PS3 was lacking and it should have really been there in the first place. It's good to eventually see Minecraft make its way over to the PS4. I wonder will they be doing any cross platform stuff here and let you play with people on the Xbox? Because that would be pretty nifty.

The Unlosing Ranger

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I really don't like Minecraft, personally, but people are going to eat the Vita version up, man. I'm sure people will go crazy over having a proper portable version of the game. Still, the PC version sounds like it's the best because it apparently has unlimited maps...
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