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Games you bought, but never played.


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Eh, I played Dantes Inferno and Brink for all of around 20 mins each, sold them fairly quickly.


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Haha. Seriously. I found this the other day. Pretty good analogy :p

To get back on topic, and aside from the stuff I never played off the Steam sale, the only ones in my collection were LA Noire (never got around to playing it) and Killzone 3 (was given to me for free. Should play it :) )
Brb, copyrighting the game name Knights of Killitude before someone steals it on me.


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same here man lol, i have so many games i havent played in my collection, i guess it just looks cool seeing all of them in my game collection. two games i can name out of my head right now are farcry 2 and infamous 2.


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Medal of Honor: Warfighter was just one of many. I used to have more time to play and so consequently I started to stockpile games. Once I started working my time to play got slashed dramatically and I have ended up selling a lot of the games I have no time to play right now.


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The only game that I can remember buying but not actually playing was some dumb motocross game that I cant even remember the name of and a few small platformers that I bought off PSN. Most of the time when I buy a game, I feel obligated to play it. I feel like I need to get my money's worth out of that game


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Since we're moving, while packing I noticed my wife has a lot of unopened games, and even a few consoles, 2 PSPs, N64 and a Hello Kitty Dreamcast :confused:

I am glad she makes more $$ then I do lol


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On PS3, I only have a few I bought but didn't play much. Mostly due to the fact that I only bought it recently and there are a ton of great games. Haven't finished Valkyrie Chronicles, even though I enjoyed it. I also haven't finished Dark Souls or Red Dead. I have loads of PS+ games I want to get around to but haven't. If I could only send them back in time to when I was a kid and had only a couple games I had to play over and over and over again until I knew it by heart.

Oh god. I have a Steam Sale problem. Here's a small portion of my shame:
Alan Wake, Antichamber, Bioshock 2, Bulletstorm, Company of Heroes, Dead Space 2, Dishonored, Far Cry 3, FTL, LA Noire, Sins of a Solar Empire, Tropico 4, The Walking Dead, Warhammer 40k Space Marine... and those are just the ones I never played at all, not the ones I started but didn't finish.
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I have some Steam games I haven't played yet, but I do intend to (then again I suppose that's always the way) I normally play games for at least a bit, but I have quite a few games that I bought in sales, or pre-owned to tide me over until the next game that I really want comes out, and then only play them for a few hours, always mean to finish them and never quite get round to it (I'll finish Condemned 2 and Far Cry 2 one day, I swear!)


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If you're talking about PC, I have at least 60 or so that I haven't played, just because I have 200 games in my Steam library. If you're talking in the sense of Ps3, I play all the games I buy. If I buy a game and don't play it, I feel guilty and ripped off, especially if it's an expensive game or it was a gift from someone. So yeah, I play at least 3 hours of each game.


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I almost never buy games that I'm sure I won't play. But I do have a lot of Xbox games that I never played or if I did I went AWOL after 30 minutes. I have a lot of crappy racing games for my Original Xbox, L.A. Rush, SRS, etc. I never really got the chance to play those games especially when you play them right after your favorite Need for Speed game.


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Record of Agarest War Zero

I played it for about two hours until I decided it just wasn't for me. It had every aspect of games that I usually love, but I just couldn't get into it. I read lots of bad reviews and decided to get it anyway since I have liked games with pretty bad reviews. This game was an exception though, the story and characters were bland and the battle system was more tedious than fun.


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I bought one of those FiFa games when the whole Football- soccer craze started. I think I played it once and then stuck it in a drawer. I've never been a sports fan, I just bought it to impress a girl I know. If you're wondering if it worked, it didn't.

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