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Games you bought, but never played.


New Member
I bought The Orange Box but only played Portal. I would have played Team Fortress 2, but I've heard the servers for the PS network are pretty much a ghost town. Half Life never really interested me, though I'm thinking of giving it a try lately. So many people have been bugging me to play it, haha. I also have an unopened copy of Motor Storm that came with the PS3, and one of the later Ratchet and Clank games. Someone gave it to me as a gift, but since I haven't played the previous games, I didn't want to start at the end of a series.


New Member
Mostly Need For Speed Hot Presuit because I had played it so many times before I bought it. I also tried to play skyrim but I never really got into it.. I think it's because I don't love single player RPGs :p


, , The Enforcer, ,
I bought The Orange Box but only played Portal.
:eek:Go and play it right now! Half Life 2 (and its expansions which are included in Orange Box) is one of my fav games!
Dont worry about not playing the first.HF2 may be a little dated and doesnt have trophy support but the story,adventure and sounds are awesome. :D


New Member
I didn't play Payday 2 as much as I thought I would. I usually research and think about a purchase a lot beforehand, so I always play through anything I get. But Payday is one I haven't picked up again in a while. It was fun for the first week or so. I am actually looking forward to maybe a third one, to see what they could do with it, how they could expand on a great game idea.


New Member
I have Devil May Cry 4 and FFXIII2 that I haven't played all the way through yet. I bought these when they were on sale, but I haven't finished them. I have a bad habit of buying a game then never finishing it because I get another game I want to play, then I will get in the mood for an old game and start playing that. I have lots of games that I haven't finished both old and new.


New Member
The only game I did this with was MAG. I bought it just to play with a friends of mine and then before I even played we got in a huge fight after some stupidness and he acted all girly and wouldn't talk to me for a while. I honestly didn't even really want to play it to begin with so it just sat on my shelf where it still is now. I guess I should have just returned it, but I didn't and by the time I thought of that it was way too late. Then once he got over acting like being a girl we still never even played the silly game!


New Member
Halo Reach.

I'm an FPS guy and I need to stick to what I'm good at. Anything else just bores me and I quit easily. I need bullets flying or live, real-time human on human strategy and gameplay to keep me interested.


New Member
I don't think my collection is that big, but I only have one game I never played. Mass Effect is a game I never played, I purchased 1 and 2 too. I don't know why I never got around to playing one of these games, I think it is because of the space aspect of the game. It is just not exciting to me at all.


New Member
What, why would you buy a game and not play it? :confused:
If you start playing a game and then stop because you didn't like it, that's fine, but not playing it at all? Weird.


New Member
I wouldn't say I ever bought a game then NEVER played it, but I've picked up a game only to stop playing it after only a couple hours of gameplay. The ones that are still sitting there collecting dust are Ni No Kuni, Arkham Asylum, and the Mass Effect Trilogy. All GREAT games, I know, I just haven't had the time or motivation to sit through them. I did get halfway through Ni No Kuni though - I might actually finish it now that I'm talking about it!

Mikey Paine

New Member
Assassin's Creed 2 and Killzone 3 (I've only played the second one for an hour or so at this point) are mine. I also haven't played any of the DLC that came with Borderland GOTY edition.


New Member
I bought both FFX-2 and FFXII, but never really played the. Well, I played the, but didn't get very far. I only put a couple hours into each of those before putting them down.


New Member
I played most of the games that I've bought. Though, there was a game that my cousin bought for my birthday which I never played. The game was Damnation! Lol!


New Member
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Fallout 3

Now this is an odd assortment because I love these kinds of games. I am a big fan of the older games in the Fallout series, as well as the Elder Scrolls titles. I've completed Skyrim (who hasn't played this amazing title?). But for some reason, I just can't seem to get in to either one of these games.


New Member
In fact I have Abadox game that has stayed for not less than 7 years since my mom bought it for me. By then I was just a little kid and I didn’t love the idea of sharing my mom-given gifts with anyone then I had this cousin of ours who had come to stay with us. So after staying for about six years I waiting to see him go he didn’t so I had to keep still my game. He only left last year but one after he got married and by then I was just not into the mood of playing this game thence it is still resting under my cupboard.


New Member
I am always buying games for my husband and most if them I never play because they never catch my attention. The type of games that I like are zombie games. You can give them to me at any time. But it is money well spent.


New Member
God of War III. I watched a friend play it though, and looked kinda cool, but way too button mashy for my tastes. I guess if you're invested in the lore or story it could have it's moments, though.
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