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Games you bought, but never played.

I have just been going through my ps3 games and realised I have a bad habbit - I buy games, put them with my collection then never play them.

Looking this morning I have several games unopened:
Bioshock 2
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Infamous 2
Resistance 3
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Prototype 2

and a few more....

Does anyone else do this? also seeing asI have so many unopened games where should I start? I like the look of Bioshock Infinate so maybe Bioshock 2?


, , The Enforcer, ,
Farcry 2,started,played a few hours then sold it.
Virtua Fighter 5,had it for a while and sold it.

A few PSN downloadable games that we got for free for when PSN went down and Sony gave us all a few free games to download.Think I got Wipeout HD and Stardust.Have played some Wipeout but not finished,havent played Stardust yet.

Recently,bought GT5 and Rage,played a few hours of both but now sitting on my shelf.Havent sold them...yet :p


RPG Ambassador
That's the cruel irony of growing older as a gamer. When you were a kid you had few games, and lots of time. Now when you're older and have lots more money, you can afford a lot more games but have so little time to play them all.

My backlog for the PS3 is mostly composed of RPGs that require a lot of time to thoroughly enjoy, like the Altelier series and Ni no Kuni. And Tales of Xillia comes out tomorrow, ouch.


My name is Adam.
Actually ni no kuni is another. I played for a few hours, now it's sitting in a drawer somewhere.


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I've also never bought and never played Ninja Gaiden. I wasn't really too much of a fan of the original titles anyway, to be honest, but I do like ninjas. I played around with it for a while but eventually I got distracted with other better games. I've also almost never played Little Big Planet past more than 20 minutes. It's just sitting in my library because I didn't like it, but my nephew loves it so I can't sell it, at least not just yet.


New Member
This is pretty embarrassing but I bought Red Dead Redemption and hardly played it. I thought I would enjoy a 3rd person shooter but I couldn't make time for it in between the sports games that I play. I also bought Suikoden 3 and did not play it. I gave that one to a friend. If i was younger and had more time then I would never dare do such a thing. Such is life.


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There are people who do that? If you don't have time or already know that you are not going to play it anytime soon, why do you even bother getting it? At least wait for a price drop or something like that, no reason to waste your money at the moment.


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I bought Infamous 2 and Uncharted 2 thinking that they were sandbox type games and would up being VERY disappointed. It seems like there is an entire genre of games where there's a set of obstacles and/or puzzles and there's only one way to get around them. The game sort of forces you through the storyline instead of the player having control over where the storyline goes.


New Member
Sadly, I have never played Valkyria Chronicles. I loved the anime, and played a good bit of the sequel, but never played the first game. I saw it on sale at GameStop one day, picked it up, and just never put it into the PS3 to start playing. I even bought and downloaded the Selvaria DLC for it. One of these days...


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So many games mate, so many games. Steam sale is to blame for the whole scenario. I have bought so many games in the last summer sales again. I will never play more than 50% of the game I own.


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I bought Prototype and I never played it. It was still fresh in the case. After a month I took it back to Walmart and I got my money back. The game just didn't look interesting to me when I took it home. I know sounds strange.


New Member
Wow...there are quite a few. And I always regret seeing them on my shelf.

Some of them are...

Gran Turismo 5
Need for Speed Shift 2
Resistance 2
Motorstorm Pacific Rift

I could have bought a PS Vita or 3DS if I didn't buy these games! What a waste.


New Member
I bought Assassins Creed and haven't touched it ever since, let alone open it. I just haven't had it within me to invest the hours it requires to finish the game. The story is great and all, but it just takes too long for my liking. It's also basically the same thing over and over, you scale walls and assassinate high ranking officials.


New Member
Too many to list, honestly. I've bought hundreds of games that I never got around to playing thanks to Steam, and on PS3 I've bought at least a couple dozen games that I never got around to. For instance, while I played the first hour or so of Bioshock, I never really...PLAYED it...I also bought Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and never even touched that. Oh, how about God of War 3? I haven't played 1 or 2, so I didn't want to play 3 yet, but I bought it anyways. Oh, the Prince of Persia HD remakes.....I Am Alive....several more, mostly just downloaded games. It's too easy to download something and forget about it. Curse digital downloads!


New Member
UFC and Clash of the Titans. I haven't played either more than about 10 minutes because they are just awful in my opinion. I think UFC is OK, but the AI response and how the characters operate is very sluggish and annoying. As for COTT, it's just boring as hell!


New Member
I bought Super Street Fighter 4, played it once for a few hours, and haven't touched it since. I don't really know why, either, but at least it's one of those games that's never going to age, so if I haven an aching for some Street Fighter, I have it. I also remember being demoralized by getting my ass kicked online.


New Member
Bought PeS '08 mainly because of friends influence and ended up almost not playing it at all. As a personal choice I bought Far Cry 2 but ended up hating it, I have to try it out again since I'm a huge fan of FC3.

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