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Games On PS1 That You Were Addicted To


New Member
Is there any game on the PS1 that you found yourself addicted to. Rugrats Search for Reptar and NFL Blitz were two games that i played everyday when i first got them.


New Member
I think most gamers have had several games that they've been addicted to. I still feel that way when playing an old RPG. I'm playing Xenogears right now, and it's hard to stop playing. The Legend of Dragoon and the Digimon World games were also games I spent many hours on.


New Member
Hmm, there were a lot. But the game that really kept calling me back was Tekken 3. I even play it now on my smartphone using an emulator! Aside from Tekken 3, theres also Soul Blade which was a superb fighting game with weapons. Then there's Gran Turismo and R4 which were so addicting. Then of course NBA Live. I just love basketball games.


New Member
Azure freaking Dreams. I have said this over and over on different threads in this forum. I freaking loved the game back when I was young. It was very addicting for me, even reaching to the point that I despised going out with my parents because I only wanted to play the game. Ah, memories.


New Member
I was a HUGE Gran Turismo fan. I even bought the system that came with Gran Turismo. Another game I enjoyed was Twisted Metal. So much fun...


New Member
I am addicted to Spyro the dragon. I have the three ps games for this series and I love playing them over and over. I think that spyro is cute and I like the dragonfly sparks as well. I also have the PS2 games in this series and I play them all the time as well. I am only missing one game in this series and I hope to get it soon. I wonder if thry are going to make another one. I wish they would because I love these games.


New Member
Spyro the dragon is my brother's favorite game. He played it everyday and seems pretty excited when he did.


New Member
Yeah I love this game. I remember when it first came out and I watched the commercials for it. I thought it was so cute with the sheep complaining about being burned by spyro. I loved those commercials and I was excited when I got the games. I still play them even now.


New Member
I was really addicted to Grand Theft Auto. I was too young to play it at the time, but games seem a lot more amazing when you are younger I think. I got addicted to this as well as Spyro the dragon also. Everyone that I knew owned a PlayStation had a copy of Spyro, it's a classic! I was pretty addicted to Gran Turismo too, I remember for my birthday I wanted GT2 but instead I got GT1, it was still awesome though.


New Member
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit comes to mind. I could STILL play that game if someone brought it over to my house. Another one that I could probably play is Intelligent Qube. That is the kind of puzzle game that just never gets old to me, and I highly recommend it to anyone. Also, Parappa the Rappa of course.

When it comes to long lasting appeal, Brave Fencer Musashi is my number one. If you haven't, go play that game right now.


New Member
I was, and still am, addicted to Castlevania: SOTN, Final Fantasy VIII, and Kagero. I still ache to play them today, and I hope that the whole PS library will be available for download soon so I wouldn't have to worry too much about hunting them down when I finally find some leisure time and money.


New Member
I loved Tetris...I still play it today, though not on the PS1, I play it as an app on my iPhone...there's nothing like the classics for me. I guess it's where I grew up with Atari and Intellivision that makes me long for the days of the classics. If we really want to go way back, then let's bring on the orginal Frogger! Love that game!


New Member
I was totally addicted to playing games such as Spyro on my Playstation 1. I was addicted to playing Spyro because it was fun and entertaining. It also had a great storyline. I also liked the Protagonist, being Spyro and I liked being able to play as a Dragon that couldn't even fly completely lol. I will never forget playing Spyro.


New Member
I was totally addicted to playing games such as Spyro on my Playstation 1. I was addicted to playing Spyro because it was fun and entertaining. It also had a great storyline. I also liked the Protagonist, being Spyro and I liked being able to play as a Dragon that couldn't even fly completely lol. I will never forget playing Spyro.

I love that game as well and I still play it. I don't think I will ever get tired of playing this game.


New Member
I remember that I used to play Soul Blade all the time when I first started playing the PS1. Another game I used to play a lot of Smackdown: Know your Role, that was mostly down to me being a WWE fan as a kid.


New Member
There were quite a few i was addicted to.

Metal Gear Solid was the first awesome stealth type of game i had ever played. The graphics were decent and the overhead layout was just right.
Street Fighter Alpha 3 is pretty self explanatory. My brothers and i played each other so much on that, i think we wore out the disk
Then there was Syphone Filter, at the time, we thought it was one of the most realistic looking games we had ever played haha, imagine that.


New Member
Yes! Smackdown Know Your Role was one of the games i was hooked on as well. The game was so fun due to the fact that you could fight almost anywhere. In the ring, outside of the ring, on the stage, backstage, in the parking lot and even in WWF New York. The game was awesome.


New Member
For me it had to be Tekken 3. I was obsessed with finding all teh hidden characters. I didn't have internet access at the time, so I didn't know how many secrets there were in that game. That was a different time back then.


New Member
I was pretty addicted to TOCA 2. I recall there used to be a special unlockable(?) lochside track on it if anyone recalls and some huge runway with an outer ring track. The lochside one also had one or two side-roads off it which took you off the track and I remember there was even some decent background views.

For some reason I had a strange addiction to driving the (also unlockable) Ford Fiesta around the pair! I've no idea why! I used to spend many hours thrashing that thing to get the best possible times out of it.

The first couple of Gran Turismo games were also played for many countless hours, perfecting lap times, trying to buy every possible car, trying to get gold on all the licences e.t.c…

Another racer which I used to spend more time than necessary on was Porsche Challenge. Anyone remember that?! Seems to have been all but forgotten now! I remember being absolutely blown away by the graphics on that when it was first released – especially of the detailing of the dashboard/steering wheel. I remember turning the game volume right down and just going round and round the tracks (time trial mode?) listening to audio cassettes on my stereo!
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