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Game spins uncontrollably


New Member
Any scene standing still the game spins. When trying to move the Left and Right sticks never stop and spin. Is this a defective DualSense Controller?

Trying to move the Left and Right stick to complete a puzzle cannot be performed as they spin and do not stop. Must do a screen capture and try and back out before it starts spinning again.

Cannot progress in the game. Very frustrating. HELP!


Staff member
Bought a new DualSense Controller and voila! Resolved! Sucks that the controller was bad out-of-the-box!!
Send that controller to Sony for a fix. Explain the situation to Sony. Both the controller and the console you bought is still under warranty if recently purchased. You don't need to send in the console, but the controller. It really depends on what the situation is. If the console is fine, ship the controller to Sony, but you need to EXPLAIN it to them.

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