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Game share quick question.


New Member
Hi all I was just wanting to know about something - my sisters fiancée has a spare American account which he buys games from. But that account is set up on his console as primary so on his main account he can play the game with no problem, but as you would know they wouldn't work for me(lock sign on game) as not my primary.

But my question is that I downloaded advanced warfare from the spare account and all I need to do is simply launch the game on spare account and immiedtely switch to my main account and it will work. But on games like infamous second son I could do the same method but it will essentially not pick up my controller if on my main user but if I just switch to the spare account with the game loaded it will pick up my controller and let me move press buttons etc. does this method only work on advanced warfare as that has split screen functionality so does It think I want to play split screen when switching account enabling me to play it? Is this known to anyone thanks

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