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Forza 5: “We’re using 100% of this console” – Greenawalt on Xbox One


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...but it was announced some days ago that this won't even reach 1080p resolution and won't even reach 60fps. And using a console at 100% right after release? Yeah right, like if someone would already know how to do something like that!


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If they are already using 100%, then how will the team get better at using the power? Is he suggesting that although they have achieved 100% usage they are still trying to figure out how to better distribute the power for a better experience? Making a statement like that for a game that just isn't going to set the world on fire seems a bit weird to me. After all as Solaris said, its not expected to reach 60 fps and I doubt that this is all XBox One has got.


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I think you misinterpreted what he said. The quote is very much out of context. He makes it abundantly clear that they are using all the hardware ("You're always using 100% of the hardware") -- not necessarily saying they are using it to its full potential. In the same breath he recognizes that they will become more efficient as their teams progress through the current console age.


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Sorry corporatenoun, but it's just a stupid thing to say. As far as the tech goes right now they are not in fact using 100 percent of the hardware. They won't get to even 75 percent until two years into the cycle. That's how it always works - and honestly this guy just pulled a Howard Dean here. You remember Howard Dean, right?

Yeah - just a little too excited here.

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