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Firmware to allow media streaming like the PS3 has


New Member
Anyone read anywhere about Sony issuing a firmware update to allow media streaming soon so we can stream from our PCs to the PS4 like the PS3 does?


I Shall Finish The Game
Sony stated that it will release an update that will allow streaming but has not specified when .


New Member
Sony stated that it will release an update that will allow streaming but has not specified when .

That's great, at least we know it will eventually happen.
That feature was really useful so let's see how much time will Sony take to do it.


New Member
it would be nice, but who knows when. there are a lot of patches that sony has said they release to fix "issues" such as the ability to use legacy bluetooth headsets, the ability to connect to DLNA devices for audio/video streaming and game play recording via ANY capture card which would require i believe disabling HDCP. that sure is a lot of major items... who knows how long we are gonna be waiting for these features that we should have had from day 1, but whatever, at least i have a working console I can game in.:cool:


New Member
How long is it going to take though!

Seems like such a strange thing to exclude!

Considering they had it locked down in the PS3 and the way Microsoft is going for the full multimedia experience, I just don't get why they've removed it!

(Other than the fact they now have their own streaming services that is! :p)


New Member
(Other than the fact they now have their own streaming services that is! :p)

BINGO! who knows how long. you cant compare the ps3 though...it could play blue ray disks fron the start...we coldnt even do that out of the box on the 4 w/o the day 1 patch. I think they just left a LOT of features out to ensure they had as many systems available at launch as possible with every intention to add them later as an update. But then they have the normal glitch patches they have to contend with, and the consoles they had to replace for faulty hardware from the release batch. I am sure all these features will be released via update soon....i have heard Q1 2014 but that is just rumor, no one know for sure.
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