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Fifa 22 Playstation Plus issue


New Member
I downloaded Fifa 22 (standard edition) from Playstation Plus as it's free on there at the moment. However I've now realised that by not choosing the ultimate edition i cannot play fifa 22 with my friends on ps4.

I've tried deleting the standard edition from my library and redownload the ultimate edition but i just keep getting the message " You can't buy this product for the following reasons: * You already own the following products, which conflict with the product you're trying to buy: Fifa 22".

So, in a nutshell, because i downloaded the standard edition of fifa 22 it will not let me ever chose the ultimate edition. How can i get around this as they're is not even an option to purchase an add on or fifa 22 for the ps4. So in essence they're is no way for me to ever play anyone on the ps4.

Would appreciate any advice.



New Member
All you need to do is access the root folder and simply delete the initial version of FIFA 22 from there. But in general, to be honest, I can tell you that it's not even worth spending any time or money on this damn game. The developers seem to have finally spat on this game. No innovations, no mechanics, it's not even a sports simulator -- they've turned it into some kind of damn arcade. Don't pay for it -- it's better to buy a FIFA 22 PS5 Account for a low price.
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