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Favorite Weapon To Use? (Assassin's Creed III)


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We had tomahawks, large axes, concealed blades, knives, swords, darts, rope, pistols, bows, muskets, etc. and so on. What were your favorite weapons in ACIII?

My personal favorites were the concealed blade and poisoned darts.
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I always preferred a combination of heavy axes and hidden blade accompanied by the rope. Loved killing people from above without them noticing me until it's too late.


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Heavy axes are effective, but I like a fast paced fight which I got from the conceal blade and sword. Didn't care for the rifles.


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The rifles weren't worth bothering with. I feel you on wanting a fast fight, but sometimes when I get crowded I want something that will clear the street quickly and the heavy axes take care of that.

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The best weapon in Asssassin's Creed has got to be the rope darts/whip. Poison was great too and bombs were excellent in Revelations (so many types of bombs!). I also really liked this one weapon in... Brotherhood I think. Romulus dagger or something of the sort, I believe? It's animations were just really brutal.


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I liked setting up a bunch of bombs and hiding. Sometimes messing with guards and trying to outrun them was more fun than actually doing missions.

...actually most of the time that was more fun.


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Id say even though im not the best at it i love the tomahawk.

I use to make gaming YouTube videos and i would get killed SO MUCH just trying to get tomahawk kills.

If i were to choose the one that im best at it would probably be the galil. I use to wreck everyone using that. Even went 46-2 using it :)

Ahh the good days


New Member
The best weapon in Asssassin's Creed has got to be the rope darts/whip. Poison was great too and bombs were excellent in Revelations (so many types of bombs!). I also really liked this one weapon in... Brotherhood I think. Romulus dagger or something of the sort, I believe? It's animations were just really brutal.

The Bone of Romulus? That's a cool weapon and the death animations were dynamic.


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I love the rope in AC3. It's too much fun to hide in a tree or on a rooftop and strangle someone from above. As for main weapons the sword or the tomahawk (more so the 'hawk).


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I really love the poison darts myself. Like to go crazy with bombs some too and pretend I'm playing a Zelda game :D.


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Poison darts are my favorite and also the tomahawk! I love prowling on trees and bushes and targeting those Templar bastards with the darts, very stealthy and very lethal and very assassin-like. Also, bashing some Templar skulls with the tomahawk is pretty satisfying, I mean where else can you use a tomahawk in a game? I am also a big fan of the hidden blade and air assassinating someone is always a welcome gesture.
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