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Favorite PC Game Ever?


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What's your favorite PC game of all time? Mine is definitely Planescape: Torment. Despite it being over 10 years old, I find myself playing it over and over and over when I get tired of newer games.


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My favorite PC game will probably always be Sims. I spent so much time playing when it first came out. I prefer the newer versions now but the classic will always hold a special place in my heart.


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Heh, I know what you mean with the Sims. It's definitely one of those games where you sit down to play it, and then look up to find that while you were playing, six hours have gone by.


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I don't think I have one single "most favorite game", because so many have impressed me over the years... but if I were to name an "oldie" that I've played a lot lately, it would have to be "Throne of Darkness". It's one of the most awesome RPGs I've ever tried. I think I've finished it at least ten times... I recommend it to anyone who wants to spend some fun hours among virtual Japanese warriors...


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While I love the Sims games, my all-time favorite PC game would have to be the Age of Empires games. I loved building my little civilization up, one man at a time, chopping wood, harvesting berries, etc., etc. I played Age of Empires before I had ever even heard of the Sims, but I think it laid the foundation for my love of those kinds of games! (If you think about it, Age of Empires and The Sims are really similar. With Age of Empires, you're building an entire civilization, whereas with The Sims, you're building a single household. Playing both is a great way to manipulate both ends of the scale, lol.)


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My favorite PC game will probably always be Sims. I spent so much time playing when it first came out. I prefer the newer versions now but the classic will always hold a special place in my heart.

I have to agree with you. The Sims games are the only games I play on PC. And I have so many of them, too! I even have the original Sims with all the expansion packs. :)


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Mine favorite game is Beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem. It is music video series game. This game was released 10 September 2010. It is interesting game. I heartily liked this game.
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I was in love with Civ for a while, well until my cities just get too difficult to handle. I tend to stay away from PC games, though, as it can interfere a lot with work.


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My favorite will probably still be Minecraft.
The many things you can do in the game are mind-blowing, however I seem to be in a phase at the moment where I'm not motivated to play Minecraft.
I'm not motivated to play anything really. I just browse the internet and talk to a few friends.


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Would be a tie between Grim Fandango and Unreal Tournament. One is a masterpiece of storytelling, the other has enough replay value to be played even today.


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Starcraft Gundam Mod. The best ever game I have played on PC. 2nd si the NBA 2k Series which I have started on 2k9 and up to now 2k13.

I am a Gundam fanatic and collected a lot of toys and assembly bots and also love Starcraft and when the Gundam Mod came out, I just couldnt let it go. Up to now I am still playing it. I also bought Stracraft 2 but rarely plays it. The graphics is better, if only theres a Gundam mod for Starcraft 2, Id switch to it!


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For me it would be Dragon Age. I'm a huge fan of the RPG genre and find that Bioware did not fail to deliver in this game with the beautifully compelling story and the choice to customize my own character. The only thing that was sub-par at the time was the graphics but the main attraction for me was the story. Dragon Age 2 was ok as a game but severely lacking as a squeal. Now I'm just waiting for the release of Dragon Age 3!


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I love C&C Generals/Zero Hour and Empire Earth, but there is this old game called Elvira: Mistress of the Dark for PC which has been a long-lost favorite of mine. Not only does it bring back memories, but for some reason I couldn't figure out the order of the keys, and this is the only PC game I haven't beaten. In addition, collecting ingredients can be a pain when you will create spells, since if you bungle the spell creation three times, the game's over.


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I have no "favorite games" due to the fact that I only buy games which I'm sure that I'll love and enjoy playing. If I were to choose on which made me really addicted, then it would be Terraria. I bought a four-pack to give some copies with my best friends and my sister, and trust me, we're very hooked in to the game. We've clocked in a total of 100 hours just mining, building, and murdering rabbits.


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I seemed to have found a new game, and it's called Chivalry : Medieval Warfare. I played this game when it was free a week ago, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I didn't get around to buying it on Sunday, and a friend of mine gifted it to me! I was really excited and happy, and played a lot. Currently, I'm playing about once every day, and it's really addicting. The fighting techniques are hard to master. The game will get you mad at times too!


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My favorite PC game will probably always be Sims.

Came to say exactly this. I would use the cheat code to get money and just build huge houses for hours upon hours. Every once in awhile I actually got around to playing the game, but then I'd get annoyed when they would go off and do things I didn't give them permission to do. Usually I'd eventually end up drowning them in the indoor pool and go off to build another house.

Life lesson learned while playing The Sims? I would make a fantastic architect, but a horrible mother. Additional lesson: I would have the coolest mansion ever if I win the lottery.


I enjoy league of legends a lot, it's a fun game and helps me pass time, I would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a RTS game.


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One does not simply choose one favourite PC game. There are way too many to choose from and I have a different one that I would call favourite every month. But one game that I've sank a lot of time to would be Crusader Kings 2 which is a medieval grand strategy. It has a fairly steep learning curve, but once you start playing it and know what you're doing you will get sucked in forever.


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I can hardly pick one game as my favorite on a PC. My most memorable is the original Prince of Persia and Doom. I also love SIMS a lot in which I have spent hours and even days without a break. Counter Strike is another classic and now I'm playing the latest version, Global Offensive. Every game that utilizes the mouse and keyboard combo well should be played on a PC. Upgrading hardware to latest requirements could be difficult but I guess all the games I mentioned above will easily run on a decent machine without hiccups. I love them all and will continue adding more to my collection.
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