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Favorite Indie Games or Flash Games


New Member
I am all about indie developed games right now. What are some of your favorites? I like Machinarium by Amanita Design. I also love finding new and weird flash games on the web. What are some cool flash game sites to check out?


New Member
I haven't paid attention to flash games in a long time now, but the last one I thoroughly enjoyed was Alien Hominid and it probably is still available at NewGrounds. I checked out the sequel recently on Youtube and I think those were released for home consoles, but it didn't seem that appealing to me anymore. It just seemed too polished, I think I'd prefer the flash game a lot more, but that's just an assumption since I haven't really tried the new one yet.


New Member
So, when you say Indi Games, are we talking about the typical "Indie Game" like Super Meat Boy and Fez and what not? If so, I really enjoy Terraria. I've spent so many hours on that game and still haven't gotten bored with it. Unfortunately I haven't played it since the huge PC content updated in October, but once I get a few more computer parts and get my gaming PC operational again, it'll be like an entirely new experience.


New Member
I love Risk of Rain right now. It a 2d sci-fi game where you have like 4 abilities. You can get different abilities when you unlock different characters. You get stronger by picking up items which can stack and have cool passive abilities like shooting out rockets and grenades. The game gets harder the longer you play but you can't fight the boss right away because you need time so you need to manage your time wisely. There are 5 stages with bosses and also 3 different difficulty modes. I found it really fun an addictive to play.


New Member
Only Indy game I have is Jet pack Joyride on the PSVita. It's pretty fun, but I am not a big Indy fan.


New Member
I know it may sound weird, but I truly enjoy playing Escape the Room games and Tower Defense games. I don't play on the computer often, but when I'm bored and need something to do, I can count on those 2 genre's to pass the time in an enjoyable fashion

Also as someone mention, Castle Crashers is the gold standard for Indy games. Can play by yourself or with several friends, I hope more and more games of that quality come out as it's a wide open platform just waiting for some vision and innovation


New Member
I am not very into flash gaming, but I can give you a list of indie games that you might be interested in.

You might want to check out Starbound, Reus, Pixel Piracy, Neo Scavenger (this one is really freaking fun,) Kerbal Space Station, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams- I think you may enjoy them if you like the "indie feel" of gaming.


New Member
My favorite Flash game was Punk o Matic. It was a music making game and it was really good. You can make professional sounding band beats with just a couple of clicks.


New Member
Well, Im really not sure if it's actually an indie game (so please correct me if I'm wrong)- but the one I really enjoy playing was Limbo. You really have to use your brain in this one. If you guys haven't played it yet, I highly recommend it. It's a bit creepy, though.


New Member
I like a few different ones. Lately I've had alot of fun with friends on Unturned, one of those survival games. Unlike most of them however, this one is free.. Ran a server with quite a few people and it was crazy fun.


New Member
My favourite indie game (if it can be classed as that – I think it can) over the past year would be '7 Days To Die'. It's a near perfect cross between Minecraft and DayZ – only prettier to look at than the former and more user-friendly than the latter.

At the moment, it's in Alpha and is updated on a fairly regular basis with most additions or alterations beneficial to the experience. Even in these early stages though, it's clear this game has huge potential (I prefer it over DayZ, actually) and even as it stands, you can loose a frightening number of hours playing it. The depth it has for an early access game is right up there with the best I've seen. It feels 'complete' without actually being anywhere near what I imagine the final product will be like.

If you haven't played it or have no access to it and fancy checking it out, then I highly recommend you follow 'Kage848' on YouTube. Most of his channel is dedicated to it.

Unturned is also hugely enjoyable although more basic at this stage. I really enjoy it's older-fashioned graphics and it makes for a nice to go back to it. Didn't a 16 year old (or somewhere around that age?) make it?! That's impressive and I offer my hand to who made it. The biggest downside to this though is that you're really limited on what you can carry to start off with. It's still massive fun though… Give it a few minor tweaks and I'd happily play it more.


New Member
Fez....if that counts? Played it after watching a documentary about Phil Fish on netflix.
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