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Everyone seems to be focused graphics, when the next gen will come from the CPU.



So looking at people commenting on the Xbox showcase online, and just from all the discussions on ray-tracing etc, it seems the focus is heavily on the graphical capabilities of the next-gen consoles however I think the true game-changer will be the CPU.

The Zen 2 CPU however is absolutetly leauges ahead of it's predecessor and will be the key to creating experiences that haven't been possible before. The jaguar wasn't even great when it came out, with low clock speed and not-so-great IPC. That unfortunatly set a low bar for any developer who had consoles in mind, which was most. You can scale graphics far easier than CPU bound calculations because graphical fidality doesn't have the same effect on level design, AI, physics complexity etc. So despite desktop CPU's power growing exponentially, developers have had to design games around the constraints of the jaguar. With that gone, we can finally have destructible enviroments, complex particle simulations, deep material simulation, advanced active ragdolls etc. As much as better looking graphics are cool, I think all all simulation possibilites are whats really going to make for new experiences. There is roughly 4X the CPU power, combined with the advancements that's been made in multithreading and GPU offloading and once we get out of the usually cross-gen phase I think it's going to be mindblowing. Fingers crossed Sony/Microsoft have some true-next gen launch titles that really showcase the possibilites of this beastly CPU.
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