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E3 PS4 predictions/wishlist


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What do you want Sony to address for the console during E3 less than a month from now? Do you want games (new Souls game?), advanced functionality (MP3/3D BluRay), or Playstation Now? What are you excited for the most regarding Sony's presentation?

Btw, we should totally have an E3 thread when it happens.


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Upcoming PS4 system updates, Playstation Now, and it will never happen but I'd love a beloved franchise of mine to come back (Medal of Honor)

I do think we'll see a few re-masters of last-gen (which irritates me), but I would love some fresh new IPs!

Well last year, Frantic (Moderator) had a E3 thread with live posts regarding the newest from E3. Not sure if he will do this this year...


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No indie bullshit, no CoD 35(I must admit, Spacey makes CoD awesome), no Assassins creed 54, no freaking remake HD versions.

kingdom hearts 3, FFXVI, Uncharted, The Order 1884, hopefully some new IP.
and please give us some freaking release dates for the cool games WITHIN 2014.


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I hope we can get something more about the Uncharted game, and maybe a release window. Maybe some new details on FFXV, KH3, etc. Of course, the new exclusive IPs are what I want to see the most, but it's hard to speculate on those. Maybe Sucker Punch has a surprise for us?

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I'm predicting we will hear something about FROM Software's Project Beast (the new Souls game). If they announce it, it will probably be a 2015 or 2016 release, though. If they do announce it, however, I will really want to grab a PS4 ASAP because I can't just miss a Souls game!

My wish is that the Vita gets some proper love including a Freedom Wars release date!
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KH3 probably won't come out this year. Hopefully we get some new footage though. We got like what, 2 clips? 99% sure the new Uncharted will be teased at least. I don't even know about any new IPs for E3 outside of TLG (which may or may not happen). Can someone aware me?


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I'd like for them to release a game similar to Heavy Rain. I tried playing Beyond when it came out since it was made by the same people, and I was sadly disappointed. I like games like The Walking Dead and Heavy Rain where there are multiple endings and consequences based on your actions (or lack thereof.) I'd also be happy with another Sims game. I can't help it, I'm kind of addicted to the Sim life.

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