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Dualshock 4 Controller Issues


New Member
Hey guys,

I'm new on here and i'm hoping someone can help out. I've looked for an existing thread that might answer my question but I didn't see anything around... so here it goes!

I bought a 2nd controller recently and it was working great for the first few days. Now, i'm finding that it only connects 10% of the time. Upon pressing the PS Button, the LED light flashes blue, then once the profile selection screen pops up, the LED light on the controller turns red, and none of the buttons are responsive. I've tried resetting the controller, pressing the PS Button + Share, and connecting it via USB cable, but still no luck. There's that odd chance where it randomly decides to work, but it's pretty frustrating when it doesn't the majority of the time.

Any tips fellow gamers?


Hi Funcle,

try to reset your controller by using the following sequence.

1) Turn off your console
2) If connected, disconnet the USB cable between the PS4 and the controller
3) Using a paperclip or something similar, push the tiny button located near to the L2 lever (see picture below), hold it for some seconds, then release it
4) Reconnect the USB cable between PS4 and the controller
5) Turn your console on
6) Push the PS button on your controller


Let us know if it works.
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