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Dualshock 3


New Member
So I have a question because it's been a really long-ass time since I've played my PS3, I still have it and recently got back into playing it. But I can't for the life remember if the PS3 controllers were light or were they heavy similar to how weighted the Dualshock 4 and Dual Sense controllers are. I recently bought a PS3 controller off Facebook and to me it feels like a knockoff with the Sony name so then I ordered another one this time from DK Oldies and this controller fells the same, have they always been light or have I been ripped off twice now?


Staff member
You've been ripped off.

Facebook Marketplace has been known to be a scammer's haven. I was going to share a video, but I don't remember which video I saw it on, but most FB Marketplace products are shoddy. It's kinda like buying from Aliexpress. (Do NOT buy from there. It's Chinese knockoff products.)

Always buy from the most reputable places. Always buy official Sony controllers. No one else. Unless you know Scuf, or Steelseries, or Hori or any other well-known controller makers.
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