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Dualsense Edge Stick Click?


New Member

When first getting my DualSense Edge controller I noticed a relatively loud clicking from the sticks as you moved them away from the centre position. It was loud enough to be distracting and mildly annoying! The volume is similar to a mouse click.

I left it for a while to see if it would bed in but still had the issue. PlayStation support said came back with "The clicking sound is normal and isn't a fault with the controller. You should continue to use the controller as normal. There is a very quiet click on them as you move away from the centre position, but that's just the springs / switches engaging."

I guess it's debatable around "very quiet click" but was wondering if anyone else has noticed this click on their Edge and also would be good to know if it's silent for most people?

I've ordered some replacement sticks to see if they are similar so will report back once I've tried these out!
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