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Driv3r (PS2)


New Member
Does anyone remember the game Driv3r? It was such a good game! I loved playing it and still would if I knew where the disc was. I just loved messing about on it by driving round and killing people, like GTA. It was pretty cool as well as you could higher or lower a bridge on the game, and if you was fast enough you could ramp off very quickly. Also there was 2 or 3 maps you could choose to play on and the weather. I should get it again.


New Member
I have played Driver on the PS1 but I was not able to get it on the PS2. I wonder which came first - Driv3r or GTA 3? I really miss the Driver series. It seems as though the driving mechanics are more tight as compared to that seen in most GTA games IMO. I do hope that the developers would pick this title up again and do a remake on the next gen consoles - most especially the PS4.


Professional Escapologist
I have played Driver on the PS1 but I was not able to get it on the PS2. I wonder which came first - Driv3r or GTA 3? I really miss the Driver series. It seems as though the driving mechanics are more tight as compared to that seen in most GTA games IMO. I do hope that the developers would pick this title up again and do a remake on the next gen consoles - most especially the PS4.

Definitely Grand Theft Auto 3, Driv3r has a more polished look, even if it's known for GTA games to not have the top of the generation graphics.


New Member
I only played the first part on the PS so I can't say that much about the latter titles. But do you really need them when you can have GTA?


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They are still fun to play though. Like Watch dogs and Sleeping dogs is a different game to GTA but people still play those. It is because of the different story line and different game play. I really with they make it again.


New Member
I remember DriV3r very well. I spent many hours on that game! I recall I preferred the graphics on that over GTA3. They seemed notably more realistic and the cars seemed to handle just that little bit more realistically. Extremely realistic damage too, without any sort of predictable dents/scratches located in the same places every time (if there was, there must have been dozens of different types). They seemed to generate almost at random. I remember being blown away by that... However, GTA3 had better and slightly more logical controls. I thought GTA3 was a better all-round package but without doubt Driv3r was still a quality game and very much worth the money at the time.

Speaking of this series, I adored Driver 2. That had decent graphics for it's time too. I probably spent even more time on that game simply free-roaming. I remember going round and round that huge highway at high speeds without hitting anything and then having to slam on the brakes as soon as a police car was detected. They'd come after you if you were speeding. My favourite car was that 1970's style coupe with the four rear lights and chrome bumpers. I'd always try and find the brown ones…! They were really hard to find – most were grey, green or a manky looking red. How I remember this all these years on I don't know…! Sad, aren't I?!


New Member
I didn't care for the Driver series at all. I played a bit of Driv3r and thought it was kind of GTA-ish...then Rockstar poked fun at it in San Andreas with Ice T's character talking about it.


New Member
The Driver series was alright. Driv3r was pretty fun game, you just shouldn't play it with GTA in mind. You shouldn't even play it with GTA III in mind.


New Member
Driv3r was okay. I liked the first one, didn't get the second, and got Driv3r much, much later down the road.


New Member
Same as SpaceTiger really. I didn't pick up Driv3r until PS3 was getting ready to come out. I remember liking it only because it was a new game and pretty fun, but that GTA San Andreas sh** all over it.


New Member
I have to disagree with you. I thought Driv3r was the worst game out of the entire series. I played driver 1 & 2 and loved them both so I figured Driv3r would be no different but boy was I wrong. I felt that the game was so incredibly empty. That is just my opinion though
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