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Does Any one use VPN for Online Gaming?


New Member
Hello, one of my friend told me that if you use a VPN while gaming you can change your server to another country that helps us to reduce the queue time if the server is from an active country also it helps us to reduce the ping if we access the right server with VPN, I am curious to know, is it really works? as I have recently found that a VPN service called PureVPN is offering a 5-year subscription for $99 also many other VPN services are offering a good discount on Halloween so that's why I am planning to buy it, what you guys recommend should I go for VPN for gaming?


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
Me personally I don't. But I see the logic in it. If the game is more popular in say Europe than in the states, you probably can set it for there and reduce wait times.


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Thanks for the feedback Titan I have purchased PureVPN to test it, as its pricing is $79 for 5 years now because of Cyber Monday, so I thought should give it a try. Let's see if VPN actually fulfill these requirements.
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