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Do you think the Assassin's Creed franchise should end before it goes CoD?


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As much as I loved this series since 2006, I think the game is falling into CoD grounds what with the frequent releases that, well it's kind of getting boring now, not that the games aren't good, it's just that they're too repetitive to begin with, even Black Flag seems a bit lacking. Don't get me wrong, I think the game has a lot of stories and things to offer since it's all based on history but that would make only into a great novel or movie franchise but as for games, well, you don't play a game just solely because of the story line right? And having to repeat every game activity you've done a thousand times since 2006 is well, not that great. Do you think Ubisoft should end the franchise now before it gets out of hand?


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I agree. The story is getting more and more nonsensical each release. However, what AC has going for is their gameplay. Unlike CoD which just rehashes the story and game every year, at least AC feels different with the ships and stuff.


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Assassin's Creed finds a way to make itself feel a little different every year.

I'd say right now isn't the time to stop. The last entry into the series was the best in a lot of people's minds, plus ee haven't seen what one built for the current consoles will be like yet. Let's see how we feel about the franchise in a year or 2..


Assassin's Creed finds a way to make itself feel a little different every year.

You think so? I feel like each title is the exact same game. CoD at least seems to be trying to change things up this time around... by being Titanfall. Insofar as which should end first, umm both at the same time would be cool.


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You think so? I feel like each title is the exact same game. CoD at least seems to be trying to change things up this time around... by being Titanfall. Insofar as which should end first, umm both at the same time would be cool.

Maybe every year is an exaggeration. The Ezio trilogy all felt pretty the same. But then ACIII felt different and the series took a huge jump with ACIV..

Regardless now isn't the time to stop the series. If 4 was bad after how much everybody hated 3 then it might be time. ACIV bought the series another year or two.


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The factor is the stories are excellent, the gameplay is fun and exciting and the universe is rich and expandable.

Why should it stop?


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If I am not wrong, the developing team said that there would be an end to the Assassin's Creed series. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Revelations seemed the same thing with a different storyline, while AC3 was much different. I don't understand why everyone hated AC3. It was a fantastic game, in my opinion. AC:IV was again different and the game seems to have gone a bit off-topic now. I just hope that they don't extend the game too much.


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Absolutely not - at least not yet. Maybe it's just me, but I'm still in love with the AC franchise, and so stoked for Unity. I think they still have some good ideas to squeeze out before they go downhill. I just can't really find a similar game that I enjoy as much. Then again, I did get into their games fairly recently (with the release of the PS4), but I've been playing through the previous games and however frustrating, I'm still entertained. Ask me in a couple years and maybe I'll feel differently.


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I think the CoD series is more stale than the AC franchise. The story and plot are a lot more important and engaging in the AC series. A lot of people just jump straight into the MP aspect of CoD. And AC is a semi-open world game so I think that makes it less stale. Unity looks decent IMO.


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I like COD and always buy it, but there are really only so many ways to make something about war. Your always going to be shooting, fighting, doing missions so not a lot can really change except the locations or it would not be COD.


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It wouldn't ever stop because it is such a cash grab. Just like COD. People hate in it but the developers don't care when they get millions of dollars. Shame, but I don't know how they could reinvent it to make it more fresh.


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I think we all know that AS franchise is not going to end anytime soon. As long as we will keep buying them, they will keep making them. I bet they are already making 4-5 other AS games. I have no issues with it to be honest.


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The story keeps getting more and more awkward and unrealistic, and the games are all repetitive. They all have bases you have to capture, they all have repetitive missions, they all have cities that look alike from game to game, and people seem to only like it because it's mainstream and promoted by every single gaming press outlet out there.


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It's never going to go COD in my opinion as those two games are very different games. I just wish that the game would go a bit more towards RPG genre.


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It really depends on what they do with the historical periods they choose to use. If they keep it interesting and keep improving the gameplay somewhat I will keep getting them. The thing that draws me to Assassin's Creed is the huge amount of historical knowledge I get while playing a videogame. AC3 is a prime example of this, gameplay wise it's the worst in the series, and it has the worst protagonist. The historical value of it is great though, I discovered a lot of things about American history that I never knew or was misinformed about.

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I remember being surprised and delighted at the modern aspect of the first game. The way the plot intertwined its modern and historical parts was just fantastic. There was a logical and urgent reason to do what you did in the early games. That's all gone now. The modern aspect doesn't seem to have much purpose anymore. For me, the writing has to improve in that area if I'm going to keep playing.

Then there are the protagonists. Altair was just a stone cold killer, and the series peaked with Ezio, the coolest and most charismatic assassin in history. It's no wonder he got three games. But then came Connor; dull, dull Connor. Such a boring main character. Kenway was an improvement, but come on, he was really just a dirtbag thief until the very end of the game. He skipped the whole creed part of Assassin's Creed. For a series that started with such well-written characters, what happened?

So, for me, I'll be adopting a wait and see attitude towards both Unity and Rogue. Rogue looks interesting story-wise, but I'm not at all interested in the multiplayer aspects of Unity, so... we'll see. But as for whether or not the series should end, that train isn't stopping anytime soon.
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