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Do you own all three systems?


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Did any else buy all three system last time they came out? I got a PS3 360 and Wii . I think there are great games on all of them! I prefer all fighting games be played on the PS3 however so I only uy them for my PS3. A lot of my friends think it's pretty crazy of me to have bought all three systems however, but whatever I use them!


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I own the Nintendo Wii, The Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. I purchased all 3 systems because they were great purchases for anyone interested in gaming. Although I did not purchase all three gaming systems at the same time. I got each gaming system a little over a year apart. They all were great buys for my system though. The Xbox 360 and Playstation were in competition while the Wii fell behind drastically.


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I bought all three staggered apart as well. I have always been a PlayStation person, but the Xbox 360 is a good system and it has a lot of awesome games to offer so I wanted both. As for the Wii, I feel like it's the best for what it is. I could have always bought a Kinnect, but I wanted the Wii also for GameCube games. I love all of my systems and am happy I didn't have to choose.


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I do own all three systems. I will admit though, the Wii has been collecting dust ever since we got it. I think we used it a few times to play Wii Sports (which was fun), but since then it hasn't been used. The Playstation is my main console/love obviously. I used to be all about Xbox but that's a different story, I will admit they do have a couple of good exclusives (Fable and Halo on occasion)


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I got all three of mine at launch but only because I was still working at EbGames/ Gamestop at the time of all three launches. It's so hard to not buy them when you work there! I love my Wii and can't believe anyone's Wii would be collecting dust! We have Wii Jammie nights at my house a lot and just play a ton of crazy awesome party games in our jammies! I'm having one this Saturday night actually!


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I only own a PS3, however have access to a 360 and a Wii too as relatives own them. I've always been a PlayStation guy but I think the 360 has some great games, is a good system too as is the Wii. Personally though, I rank PS3 above both the others.


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I thought you meant PS1, PS2 and PS3 when i read the thread name, but yeah, i used to own all the three current generation consoles, with the 360 being the one that had less playtime, i really played Wii tons with friends now that i think about it.


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I only own a PS3, but I have the other two systems in the house (room mates) should I want to play them. To be quite honest, I only pick them up sometimes. I probably haven't touched a Wii controller in three years.


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I own the Wii, but not the 360. Microsoft only has/had a few titles I'm interested in, and they were mostly indie games. Games like Braid, Bastion, and Limbo all became available on other platforms. I only got the Wii for Zelda. The only physical games I own for it are Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.


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I have a PS2 and then got an XBox 360 when he went abroad. The idea of buying all three never occured to me. Didn't seem like it would be worth it.


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I've never owned a Wii.

The friends I have, that have had one, never really liked theirs and my sister is the only person who was devoted to the Wii. For the work that a lot of my friends and I do, its more centric about technology and the industry around Sony and Microsoft so the Wii just wasn't a big deal. We do have someone who has a 3DS and loves that thing. Though I think the Vita is better.


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I purchased the Xbox 360 first. Then found enough money eventually to buy the PS3. Then came the Wii after Mario was released. Heck, I even bought the dust collector Wii U. Nintendo REFUSED to release any more game for like 5 months after it was released. I really hoped it would catch on. It was what the Wii should have been.

I'll most likely by all systems when I finally finish up school and have some time.


New Member
I only have/had PS3 and xBox, I was extremely happy with the PS3 and I only got the xBox because it was a bargain and I really wanted to play Gears of War, Forza and Fable. Wii never interested me, I was expecting to have some fun with FPS in it but I tried it out in a friend's house and I was disappointed so I just skipped it.


New Member
I bought the PS3 and the Wii but I never got the xbox because I felt like it was pointless once I had the PS3. Besides, the multiplayer was free!


New Member
I only own a PS and a Wii. I don't like xbox that much because they don't have any games I want to play. PS and Wii have come out with a lot of great games that I really enjoy playing. I hope to get a PS4 soon and I am thinking about getting the Wii U.


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No, I only had the Wii and 360. Now I only have the Wii. I gave my 360 to my little brother. I don't buy tons of games, so it is pointless for me to try to support three consoles at the same time.


New Member
At one time we had all three. We bought the PS3 first, then the Xbox 360 and lastly the Wii. We bought the Wii as more of a fun family/entertainment thing and less for real gaming and it was the first system we eventually got rid of. We still have the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and have plans to purchase the PS4 when it comes out, but probably won't be getting the Xbox One for a bit..and have no intentions of getting the Wii U or any other Wii product.


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Well, I did. But I gave my Wii to my cousin when I got a Kinect so I'm only left with the PS 3 and the Xbox 360. Besides I no longer have a lot of time on my hands to play all the games that these systems have. It's cool to have all systems and all but I think I'm just sticking to one console next year. But I still could change my mind if I see that there are a lot of some games that are exclusive to each of the home consoles.

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