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Do you love the author's cookbook?


New Member
There are many writers who write great cookbooks, have you ever heard of them? Through whom do you find yourself most interested in books or writers?

I also like browsing the cookbook, but my favorite writer is Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall with the River Cottage series.

These books are visually compelling, with great pictures and fun notes. Hugh wrote an interesting preface to each section, describing his personal experience. The recipes are generally simple but delicious and focus on using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

For good cooking, you will need to go through some challenging times in the long run. So why not rely on the experience of the go ahead to develop it to new heights?


I do not really have a favourite writer. I use my books when I need new ideas, but generally I do it my own since I've been cooking for 30 years or so.

The book I take inspiration from in most cases is The Silver Spoon:

Link to Amazon

I'm glad to find another person who loves cooking 0:


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