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DLC Release Today - Issues?


New Member
Anyone else having issues? I don't see it in the store and have not downloaded it.

I've seen a few websites talk about the patch delay but the DLC is said to be on schedule?


New Member

So I found where it downloads from.. It WILL NOT auto download. And is not in the Store.

To find the BF4 DLC

1) Leave the game
2) Go to Library
3) Find Battlefield 4 and click on it
4) If you have access to it (early access through Premium) click on 'Add Ons'
5) China Rising should appear, click on it - then click download


Not sure why it's not easily accessible via the game or PS Store. Oh well, c'est la vie :)


New Member
I got it from the PS Store actually but I had to reload the game cause I kept getting what seemed like a network error I believe.


New Member
I've been hearing some not so good news about this but I'm unwilling to say anything bad without more research. But as for the network errors, reloading might work for now. BUt I'm thinking that it could just be more dev issues. Really this game is cursed.


New Member
I haven't had any issues yet... Other then difficulty locating the download.

I played Air Superiority, so ar so good. Haven't cycled through ANY of the maps on Conquest yet though :(
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