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Did you like playing the card minigames in Final Fantasy VIII and IX?


New Member
The addition of card battle minigames in Final Fantasy VIII and IX was a welcome plus for me. I liked card collecting and making my deck more and more powerful. I loved the card game in FFVIII more since they could be transformed into different items and magic. FF IX did not allow such a thing but it was still fun nonetheless. Did you love playing these card games too?

Clark Wayne

New Member
To be honest, I really didn't care for the mini card games at all in neither game. Don't get mew wrong, I think they were a nice addition to the games and I'm sure many gamers enjoyed playing them. As for me however, I just enjoyed playing the games themselves so much more that after playing one of the card games for a few minutes, I immediately stopped and got right back to playing the game.


New Member
Maybe one reason why I was so into the card games of FFVIII and IX was because I liked to collect trading cards when I was still young. I collected NBA cards, Pokemon cards and Magic The Gathering cards. I liked collecting cards in the Final Fantasy games and I liked to look at my collection. That's how addicted I was to my hobby of card collecting.


New Member
I loved the card minigame for FF8. I hope at some point it becomes a standalone game - I put in probably 15 hours in FF8 just playing that game and trying to complete the set. But I also love TCG-type games in real life, so maybe I am just biased.


New Member
15 hours???????

Wow. I loved the card games but I did not clock that much time with them. I don't think that there will be a full game specifically made around this premise. But who knows... Maybe Square would be willing to make one. But I think it would not be suited for consoles. For handhelds maybe.


Professional Escapologist
Damn right i did, mostly in VIII, but also spent a lot of time with IX. I really liked Triple Triad, mostly because of how you could use the cards to synth new equipment.
I also remember playing Tetra Master when it came out on PlayOnline, together with Final Fantasy XI, damn those were some good days. Too bad that the game never got too famous and simply died.


New Member
I loved the card system in Final Fantasy VIII. I was not a huge fan of the system in IX, but that might be because it did not feel as involved as VIII did when playing it. In VIII, I actually got every single card (a very challenging feat) and did all the card side-quest missions. Of course, before I beat the game I turned some of my cards into powerful items before entering Lunatic Pandora, but since I always figured that was the entire point of collecting most of the cards anyways it was a fine trade. I too probably clocked somewhere around 15 hours or more on card games alone. It was just a fun system and was a good break from the daily grind of leveling up.


New Member
I probably spent more than 10 hours (FF8 and FF9 combined) playing the card games. The fact that the games were so short made me more prone to play again. I've always liked simple card games too, games like 21, Bulls**, Go Fish, stuff like that. I also used to be big into Yugioh cards when I was in elementary school, so there's that.
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