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Did you ever drop it? Is it sturdy?


New Member
I have never dropped it on anything and I took care of it like it was my baby. How about you? Did you hit it with anything?


New Member
drop the console or the controller?

I take care of it very well, but as a test i dropped the controller several times, nothing happened.

since PS2 I never had an issue with controllers durability.


New Member
This is kind of a ridiculous question.

I do not think any video game console is built to withstand a falls. It you drop your PlayStation 4 is most likely going to break. Even if nothing appears wrong on the outside. The fall surely knocked something loose on the inside.

I definitely think the PlayStation 4 is sturdy for a video games system. However if you drop it consistently. It's sturdy build will not matter much. It will break. I would suggest you change your standard of 'Sturdy"


New Member
I can't even imagine what would happen if I dropped it, if I ever do for some reason I hope it lands on carpet and not hardwood flooring! I can't imagine any type of video game system being able to withstand a bad drop. They are pretty sturdy but at the same time if you drop it anything can happen.


New Member
I've never dropped a non-portable console and I don't even want to think what a drop would do to my PS4. It would probably stop working correctly after the first fall.


New Member
Well, a drop would'nt be good, no doubt. But they have to be able to take a little beating, both to survive to the costumer in the first case, and in order not to break too easy.

I bet there is some falling tests at Sony to make them as resistant as possible without sacrificing design and stuff.


Well-Known Member
I dropped, well - tripped over a cord and smashed a Xbox 360 once. But as for the PS4? Nope. Never will as long as I can avoid it.


New Member
I've never dropped either the controller or the console, it's an expensive purchase for me, not some toy so I'm very careful.


New Member
My PS4 is on the bottom tier of my shelving unit so there is no reason for it to be dropped.

My Xbox 360 (whilst turned on) fell from about 4 foot the other week and it still worked lol. Although there was no disc on it, I think it would have been a different story if there was a disc inside.


I Shall Finish The Game
Not sure what happened but there was a ruckus in the bedroom. When I went in I found my PS4 on the floor crying. My 360 was looking over the dresser and giggling. My PS4 said that the 360 tricked him into looking over the edge of the dresser and pushed him out of jealousy. The 360 said that the PS4 had been babbling about not having enough games and didn't feel he was getting the attention he deserved and had jumped. Whether it was an act of jealousy or a cry for help I knew I had to do something. I have since placed my satellite receiver between the 2 of them as a mediator and have had no further incidents. Hope that answers your question.


New Member
I've never dropped a non-portable console and I don't even want to think what a drop would do to my PS4. It would probably stop working correctly after the first fall.

Ok, I had completely forgotten about the time my grandmother tripped on my PS2 controller cable which caused my PS2 to fall right into the floor. Fortunately the console was fine but the game that was inside (GTA Vice City) was scratched and stopped working. :(


New Member
Well, the controller is pure Titanium when it comes to ground impacts. It doesn't have a single scratch and it makes me think that it's been specially designed for something like this!


New Member
Why would I drop something that sits below my TV? If your PS4 is susceptible to drops, you are doing something wrong...


New Member
I've never dropped any of it, I'm very careful with it. Its not a cheap toy and I want it to last as long as it can.


New Member
How can you drop a console ? You're not supposed to move you're console around. I mean you place it in a safe place and never move it again. Although I've never drop a console. I will certainly break or have a major problem. Console games are not known to be solid.


New Member
How can you drop a console ? You're not supposed to move you're console around. I mean you place it in a safe place and never move it again. Although I've never drop a console. I will certainly break or have a major problem. Console games are not known to be solid.

Well I never had any problem with any of my consoles till this date, maybe I'm lucky.

I must say during NES and Sega Genesis days I used to buy a controller every 2 months xD but Playstation? I never had any problem with any versions of PS.


New Member
I haven't dropped my ps4 yet, don't really want to. I did use my original xbox to kill one of my previous girlfriends then, WHAM. The ps4 just doesn't have the potential weapon of homicide value the first xbox did, sadly. You drop a ps4 on someone they're just going to be very confused.


New Member
I remember having a PS2. I've dropped it on the floor at least 10 times and I didn't experience any inconvenience. It was the most sturdy console I've ever touched in my entire life!


New Member
I'll give you some advice here for free. Never, and I mean never drop any console that isn't made by Nintendo. They're the only consoles made out of pure Nintendium, capable of surviving anything you put them through, including being shot into space or dipped into a volcano.
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