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Did you enjoy playing Dino Crisis?


New Member
To be honest, I never finished Dino Crisis 1 and 2 for the PS 1. I was able to play both games because my cousin had a copy of the games. Though the controls seemed more fluid than the resident evil games at the time, the games failed to completely immerse me into the game world. Besides, I don't want to gun down dinos. I prefer gunning down zombies. What's your experience with Dino Crisis?


My name is Adam.
I loved it when i was younger, the originals anyway, scared the hell outta me when I was very young.


New Member
These games were good. The problem was they took a backseat to the Resident Evil series and Capcom decided to let Dino Crisis fade away. To be honest, considering how they are messing up Resident Evil, I wouldn't trust them to make a new Dino Crisis anyway


New Member
I actually enjoyed it more than the original Resdient Evil's personally, so I guess I'm in the same boat as Mudgee which is fine I guess.
Although I did not actually play them quite as much as one of my other friends I still spent a good amount of time trying to beat the damn things when I was younger.


New Member
I wonder how Capcom would bring this series to the next generation (if ever they bring it back). Do you think they would make it a 3rd person Resident Evil style game? Would it work well that way? Or should they emulate the style of the latest Tomb Raider game which is a lot faster and with a lot more action...


My name is Adam.
I'd hope first person with a more horror element. I think it'd work well, trying to escape raptors in the pitch black of night.


New Member
Good idea mudgee. I think first person would work well for Dino Crisis games. I think that they should make the environments a lot bigger too in order to fully realize the look of the huge lizards. I don't know if the change would be taken well by survival horror fans though.


New Member
I thought it was cool but it couldn't compete with Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It has it good moments but somehow dinosaurs are less frightening thant zombies. I played only the first part on the PS1 though.


Professional Escapologist
i was the dude that had Dino Crisis when everyone else had Resident Evil, and i thought i was the only one who loved that game. Good to see i wasn't the only one when i finally got into the internet. Such a great series, i wonder why they didn't continue with it. Maybe they thought dinosaurs would stop being cool after the 90's?

Clark Wayne

New Member
While did really like the games and enjoyed playing them, I never actually owned them personally. The local arcade in my town has the games, so whenever I wanted to play them, I would just make my way on over there. Plus, at the arcade you got the chance to use the gun accessories instead if having to use the basic controller. It's been a while since I've been to the arcade so I'm not even sure if the games are still there.
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