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Did you copy music tracks on your PS1 CDs?


New Member
I never had a computer when I was in high school. But when I was in college, I had access to a computer and I experimented a bit and I found out that PlayStation CDs had music tracks stored as well! What I did was to plop the PS CD in the computer and copy the music files that I wanted. I copied some music files on the Twisted Metal 3 and 4 CDs and Thousand Arms CDs. Did you ever do this too?


New Member
I believe that is called redbook audio when there was music on the game discs. I never did this when I was a kid probably because we didn't have a computer and I didn't even know about t until I was an adult.


New Member
I had no idea you could do that. I'm guessing the files were MP3? I might have to search for some PS1 discs and try this out.


Professional Escapologist
Oh man, i remember when i did that with Street Sk8er and Castlevania Symphony of the night, i felt like such an hacker, ripping audio from the game directly. Those days where everything was so magical, with no internet and the only way to find stuff was word of mouth, so cool.


New Member
I don't really remember if it was in mp3 format. I think so.

And like BlackSolaris said, yeah, that's what I felt too. I felt that I was such a genius that I was able to discover such a thing. I also remember trying out every other PS1 CD for other things that I can find. But I didn't understand the other files that were in the CD so I left them be. :D


New Member
I didn't, but my copy of Twisted Metal 4 messed up once on my PS1 and played the audio as a CD once. I ended up returning it because I couldn't get the actual game to play. It actually took me a long time just to figure out that the PS1 could play audio CDs. Back then it really blew me away, and now it feels downright insignificant.


New Member
I discovered this by myself while bored, because my parents were using the living room television where my Playstation was.
I though, will my games play music if placed on a cd player? And for my surprise it did work with Pro Evolution hahaha


New Member
It seems like most people were like me and didn't even know that the PS1 had this feature. That right there shows the difference between the gaming industry back then and now. Nowadays, Sony would never hide a feature like that. They would sell it up in order to make their console more appealing.


New Member
I never had a chance to fully explore this feature. At that time I was more concerned with playing games than listening to music. Then again, even if I did find this feature, I wouldn't appreciate it that much, given the small library of games that I have.


New Member
I did it once with my friends to test it out but it never really interested me, some of my friends did it though. At this point, I didn't really pay much attention to game soundtracks yet, and by the time I started to, at around the time PS3 already existed, then it was just a lot easier to download music online so I never really had to go through much trouble.


New Member
It's an interesting, if not fairly useless, feature. I can understand wanting to listen to music from a game, though I can't imagine taking game disks around to play in CD players. Nowadays it's way easier to find music online to listen to, so it made more sense back then. I wonder if PS2 or PS3 games do that?
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