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Destiny Stuck in Disc Tray- PS4 won't read or eject, HELP!


New Member
I haven't used any forums in a long time, but I just got a ps4 for Christmas and I've barely been able to use it because of the ddos attacks, and then right when psn starts working again I am filled with joy, so I pop in destiny into my shiny new white ps4, and it makes a weird sound, and it doesn't read the disc, and it is stuck in the thing. I am just so done with waiting for it to work that I just decided to ask for help.

So, does anyone know how to get it out? I have tried unplugging it, taking the faceplate off, and taking it out manually, to no avail, and I've also tried turning it off, unplugging it, leaving it out for 30 minutes sitting vertically, then turning it back on to get it to eject, to no avail. I thought that maybe I had put it in upside down, and it just spazzed out, but don't think so. Any help would GREATLY appreciated.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
Tougar, you have some real bad luck :( But it happens. I've gotten so many discs stuck in DVD players and consoles over the years.

I like the take apart method (though come on. Tearing down electronics is so much fun :) ). I know in the article it says it shouldn't void the warranty as the method comes from Sony, but I would do a quick Google search or call them to make sure that you're warranty won't be void. Would be a shame a couple months down the road if your console bricks. But looking at this website, it looks very simple to do. Unlike when I replaced the laser in my PS3. So many steps and little parts, lol.
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