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Demon souls Crashing


New Member
Hi Guys I'm wondering if anyone else is having crashing problems with demon souls(ps5),At the moment I've tried a lot of things to fix the problem,including resetting the console,deleting saves and other stuff to try and fix the crashing I've included the error code if people have any more info on how to fix this?


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New Member
Yeah same here.

Finally got my PS5 just 2 days ago and demon's souls has crashed 4 times.

It only seems to randomly crash while i'm walking around exploring... Heres hoping a update comes out soon.


New Member
For me now it's more than demon souls crashing,might have to send off ps5 for repairs,good job its still under warranty!


New Member
Mine has got really bad,soon as I load up game(and some other ps5 games)almost immediately crashes with same error message,hoping for a patch fix but thinking now must be a hardware issue or something like that!


New Member
Mine is also having some issue recently. I guess is an hardware issue but I'm following this thread from now to get some news.
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