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Data Transfer Issue [PLEASE HELP]


New Member
My new PlayStation 5 that I JUST received today has already has its issues with the Data Transferring from the PS4. As I started with it using the WIFI, it gave me information that’ll take 99+ hours to transfer the data/games from my old console. After seeing that, I pull out the Ethernet cable and it works outstandingly, making it turn into 30 mins. As it lands on 12 minutes, it suddenly stops the whole download and tells me that the transfer could not be done and ends it, forcing me to redo it. This has happened 12 times and continues to do so. I even had it to a point where the bar was full on how much was left on the transfer and immediately pulled the same error sign saying the data couldn’t transfer. I need someone’s help for this. I’ve already wasted my time and a lot of patience with this frustration, even going through the time to factory reset it and erase the data/games I WAS able to install and see if it works, which it didn’t.
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