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Dad needs a steer...


New Member
Hi All - my house has always been an XBOX house - don't shoot. Son's friends veered off towards PS5 - so here I am...
PS5 has been ordered - but it's not a bundle - so no game in the box. Questions melting my brain.
I'm not a gamer. I work in IT so I'm no stranger to a password or two. I find MS controls/accounts for things like EA Games and other associated & connected accounts for certain games etc. all a bit "they didn't think this through" - just really hard work sometimes. Is it the same with Sony?

I know son has an XBOX annual membership that allows him to play online with his pals and allows him play a large number of games for free (not all games). He has historically accrued a ton of games (physical games) for XBOX and I don't see any time soon where he's gonna have as many for PS5 as I don't have a money tree. He's 14 - happy for him to play games up to age 15/16. What approach do I take with getting him access to games? Recommended subscription model vs buying the odd game outright. Has got Fifa 23 for XBOX and I THINK he can play with his PS5 mates - but I'm also sure some games are not cross-platform (unless I missed the bit where XBOX and SONY grew up?

Any & all steer of advice appreciated. Cheers.

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