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Controller range


New Member
Hi, so I have a PS4 and I'm having a bit of a problem with range with the controller. So I'm about I would say 15 feet away and the PS4 is in another room but hooked up to a big projector. I'm able to use the PS4 and go through the normal home page but the moment I go to a game or app the controller won't do anything. It will still let me go back to the home page when I hit the PS4 button but getting into the game or app is impossible. Was hoping someone would have an idea on why this is not working.


Staff member
I think the system can't recognize the signal from where the PS4 is placed. From what I understand on your story, is that you have the PS4 in the other room with walls between you and the PS4, and the PS4 is facing another way.

I think the receiver doesn't realize the controller is in range, but has interference somewhere.

My suggestion? Get a USB cable with the length between you and the PS4. Remember to meet the specs of the USB plug/voltage, etc.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
I'd move the PS4 into the room you're playing in. It's not getting a good connection. It is a radio wave none the less and susceptible to interference. If you can't move it to the room because of the projector, try looking around the PS4 and see if there's anything metal or electronic that could be throwing off the radio frequency (remember too, other electronics put out their own radio or electromagnetic waves which can interfere with radio waves, which is how Blue Tooth works). At 15 feet away, the signal will already be weaker and add in a bit of interference, it'll mess with the signal from the controller and all of the signal might not reach completely.

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