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Coin Stuck in PS4


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So, my three year old daughter stuck a nickel into the Disc Drive, only it didn't go INTO the disc drive it fell between the case and the disc drive. Now, Nickels are 91% Copper and copper draws away heat and may not damage anything. I only had my PS4 not even a week yet.

I am techy but I really don't want to take apart the PS4 :( Should I leave it in or just take it apart and take out the coin?


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if you leave ot it could interfere with the laser reader thing down the road and lead to game corruptionand for every thing on her christmas list from now till shes thirteen she owes you a nickel.
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I know it sucks, but you might need to open it and take it out. I imagine having anything stuck in the PS4 will not be healthy for it in the long run.


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It all depends on where it went. If it is touching any circuitry or is obstructing the drive in any way, it could definitely cause problems that may even break your PS4. If it is just loose in the bottom of the plastic casing, it might be okay to leave it. Though from the sound of it, and being a nickel, and thicker than most coins, you should probably play it safe and take the case off to try and remove it. Just don't take any magnets to it lol.

If you have already operated the ps4 with the nickel in there and not had any issues, you might want to leave it for now or at least until you can get an expert to take it apart.


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Guys, wouldn't opening the PS4 voiding the warranty?
How about taking it to a Sony store and asking some guys over there do it?


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Thanks for the feedback guys! I've had it on for 7 hours, no troubles, it's in the casing and I saw a blue print of the ps4 and where it's stuck doesn't seem to have any hardware, no circuits or boards seem to be in that spot. It's literally underneath the disc drive, I don't think it's touching the disc drive either.

I can actually take it apart myself, I have all the tools and even though I can repair and build and fix computers, I will still check out YouTube videos before I dive in. I don't have a warranty and I already voided it if i did haha... oops.

Thanks guys!

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