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Broken disc drive (?)


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Hello everyone and I thank those who will answer me in advance.

My ps5 never gave any kind of problem until yesterday when the disc player stopped working all of a sudden.

After installing Ratchet & Clank I was starting the campaign, when suddenly, after selecting the difficulty, the ps5 spat out the disc without even emitting the classic beep. I tried various discs including ps4 but the result does not change. Opening and inspecting the optical reader, I notice the result (the one you see in the video). I assume there is something faulty and it needs to be replaced. I ask someone more experienced than me: is it the logic board, the laser or is it the whole disc drive block?

I would be very grateful if someone could help me.

UPDATE: I inserted a dvd and it reads like nothing happened. At this point it's definitely the laser? If yes, I have the 2021 model of ps5, do I have to consider something particular or can I take any one as a replacement?

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