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Borderlands 3 problem with extended drive


New Member
My boyfriend turned on his PS5 to play Borderlands 3 a couple days ago. He said it needed to do an update for Borderlands 3 but after the update, his game data was gone. Since then I found that the extended usb drive, a WD My Passport, needed to be repaired. I think what happened was we lost power because of a storm and even though the PS5 wasn't on, it must have done something to the drive. The drive has been repaired and it's working fine now but I think when the PS5 was turned on a few days ago, it reinstalled Borderlands 3 to the console. I believe that's why it's not seeing the game data because Borderlands 3 files are on both the console and on the extended drive. The game was a PS4 game with updates to PS5. He also installed the Season Pass, 4 DLCs, with a code that came with the Borderlands 3 disc. I'm not sure how that works, if the code is now assigned with his Playstation account or what, but he's also concerned that he doesn't want to lose the DLCs. Please help.
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